North Indian Mountains are homeland to many tribals.

1. The western Himalayan region, there are large number of tribals who migrate from place to place.

2. The Gadditribal’s posse’s large herds of sheep and goats. The Gujjars are migrating pastoral (rural) people who live off their herds (group) of sheep, goats and a few cattle.

3. The Chambas lead a nomadic pastoral life in the upper Indus valley. The Ladakhis live on terraces and alluvial fans that flank the Indus in the northeastern Kashmir.

4. In the east, Arunachal Pradesh is the homeland of several tribal groups like ABOR and Apatani. Each group has its homeland in distinct river valleys and all practices shifting cultivation. Similarly, mountains in most of the northeastern states are a homeland to many tribals.

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