OMTEX CLASSES: The Magic of Chemical Reactions

The Magic of Chemical Reactions

Fill in the blanks

Match the following



Endothermic reaction.


Exothermic reaction.




Neutralization reaction.


Reduction reaction.


Oxidation reaction.


Redox reaction.


Double displacement reaction.


Decomposition reaction.


Combination reaction.


Chemical equation.


Word equation.





Answer the following 

What is the importance of chemical equation?

What do you observe when H2S gas is passed through Cadmium Chloride solution? Name the type of reaction

What do you understand by the term "Redox Reactions"? Explain with one example

What is corrosion? Do gold ornaments corrode? Justify

Give Scientific Reasons. 

Grills of doors and windows are always painted before they are used

Physical states of reactants and products are mentioned while writing a chemical equation.

Potassium Ferrocyanide is stored in dark coloured bottles and kept away from sunlight

Iron articles rust readily whereas steel which is also mainly made of iron will not undergo corrosion.

Edible oil is not allowed to stand for a long time in an iron or tin container

Edible oil is not allowed to stand for a long time in air.

Conversion of ice into water is a physical change.

Chemical change is always associated with exchange of energy.

Answer in Brief

We feel fresh while on a morning walk in natural surroundings. Why don't we feel the same after 10 a.m. and during rush hours? Write a chemical reaction to support your statement?

Explain the following terms

Rancidity, Endothermic Reactions, Redox reaction, Neutralization

Take finely powdered Zinc and allow it to react with CuSO4 solution. Then take Zinc granules and carry out the same reaction. Which reaction will take place faster and why?