Discuss agricultural activities in the Ganga Plains.

1. The fertile alluvial soil with adequate rainfall and enormous water resources has encourages people in the Ganga Plains to develop agriculture. Almost half of the area is sown more than once during the year. Nearly 90% of the total cropped area is under food crops.
2. Due to mild winters and hot summers, a variety of crops are grown. Wheat, gram, barley and some oilseeds are grown in winter, while rice, maize, bajra, jowar and sugar cane are grown in the rainy season.
3. Agriculture is very prosperous in the Upper Ganga Plain. A large area in the Ganga Yamuna Doab is cropped. Wheat and rice are the main crops. Bajra, Maize and Jowar are also grown.
4. Peas, gram and tur are the main pulses grown in the Ganga-Yamuna Doab, Groundnut, sesame and mustard are the main oilseeds. Sugarcane is the most important cash crops.
5. In the Middle Ganga Plain, agriculture is the mainstay of economy. Rice and wheat are the main crops followed by maize, oilseeds and sugar cane.
6. In the Ganga Delta, rice and Jute are the main crops. Other crops include sesame, mustard, groundnut, tobacco, etc.

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