History and Political Science Board Paper July 2016.

History and Political Science Board Paper July 2016.

Q. 1. A. Complete the Following statements by choosing the appropriate alternatives from those given brackets: (3)

(i) The Ottoman Turks won _________ in the year 1453. (Constantinople, Calicut, Kolkata)

(ii) Vasco - Da - Gama Sought business concessions from King __________ of Calicut. (Jahangir, Zamorin, Shahaalam)

(iii) The status of becoming the first colonizer in African continent at the end of 19th century was ________ (England, France, Belgium)

(B) Match the correct pairs of Columns ‘A’ and ‘B’. (3)

Column ‘A’
Column ‘B’
(i) Head office of League of Nations
(a) Pandit Nehru
(ii) Non - Alliance Movement
(b) Nikita Khruschev
(iii) G - 7 country
(c) Geneva

(d) Canada

Q2. Answer the following questions in 25 to 30 words each. (any two) [4]

(i) Explain the nature of Traditional Imperialism.

(ii) What were the objectives of the League of Nations?

(iii) Give information about the ‘International Court’.

Q3. Give reasons for the following statements in 25 to 30 words each. (Any two) [4]

(i) Hitler was extremely angry with the Weimer Republic Government.

(ii) Mahatma Gandhi had withdrawn the Non - cooperation Movement.

(iii) Nuclear weapons competition is encouraged because of cold war.

Q4. Answer the following questions in 40 to 50 words each. (Any two) [6]

(i) Why did England, France and Russia give importance to the Balkan region?

(ii) Explain the term ‘Bloody Sunday’.

(iii) Why did the European colonizers start to decolonize?

Q5. Answer the following questions in 60 to 80 words each. (Any two) [8]

(i) How was India brought under the reign of England?

(ii) Describe the effects of the Second World War.

(iii) Write about “the artificial satellite”.

Q. 6. Fill in the blanks with a suitable word from those given in the bracket: [3]

(i) The claims that we are superior to others creates ________ (equality, conflict, inequality, mutual understanding)

(ii) _____________ is the core of democracy. (People, Representatives, Prime Minister, People’s Participation)

(iii) Even today women of _________ have no right to vote. (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, United Arab Emirates)

Q. 7. Answer the following questions in one sentence each. (Any three) [3]

(i) What is recall?

(ii) What is a political party?

(iii) Who undertook efforts to abolish the caste system in India?

(iv) What is state level or regional political party?

(v) What is regional inequality?

Q. 8. State whether the following statements are True or False with reasons. (Any two) : [4]

(i) There is a Presidential democracy in India.

(ii) Higher the initiative, weaker the democracy will be.

(iii) People who share common political opinion from political party.

Q. 9. Answer any one of the following questions in 25 to 30 words: [2]

(i) Explain how economic inequality is a challenge before democracy.

(ii) What measures are taken to ensure that people of different religions will live peacefully?