OMTEX CLASSES: How I have been Helped by My Friends

How I have been Helped by My Friends

Friends, good or bad, play an important role in one’s life. I have a lot of friends in school as well as in my neighbourhood. I am on good terms with most of them. I like some of them very much and am always happy to see and interact with them. We play games together, sit and chat with one another at school / home. I feel quite at home in their company.

Having said all this, if somebody asks me, “Who is your best friend?”, I get ecstatic. My best friend is Rilwan. He is somewhat different. I have a special liking for him. He is the first rank holder of my class. He is very good at Maths and English. My other friends are pleasant companions, but Rilwan is far more than a friend.

Our tastes are different. I am of a jolly type; but Rilwan is very reserved. He doesn’t mingle much with others. So my other friends do not like his company. But I always try to interact with all my classmates. Sometimes, I casually advise him to be a little more sociable . With others too; but he simply smiles and walks away.

There are also other friends who like me. Most of them are students from other schools. I always try to interact with them so that I could get a first hand idea of how they handle their studies. One of them is Ajith. He is also a std. X student like me. He is in The General English High School, Dharavi. He is also a first rank holder. We meet atleast twice a week. He helps me with my E.V.S. project work. He is very good at Marathi Grammar and he often helps me with my difficulties in Marathi.

Yet another good of mine is Stanley. He is in XI std. and is my neighbour. We are on good terms. He is a good swimmer. He has promised to train me in swimming. He is a good singer too as he has been trained in classical music. He has participated in inter school singing competitions and has secured many prizes. He is keenly interested in social work. To put it briefly, I am lucky enough to have good friends around me. All my friends are fine, strong and unselfish.