Write an essay on The Art of Living an Ideal Life

Life is a very precious gift from God that has to be nourished, cherished and protected diligently and artfully. Man is defined as a rational animal. The art of living an ideal life would, therefore, imply the full development of the faculties of his animal nature and rational nature and effectively playing his role as a social being.

Physical well - being is a necessary condition for a happy and contented life. Therefore, one has to take utmost care of one’s physical fitness. Nourishing food, intake of unpolluted air, regular physical exercises and periodic medical check-up will ensure physical fitness. Good health is necessary to carry out various tasks of our life. It is vital even for our mental health as the old proverb says. “A healthy mind in a healthy body”.

Intellect and will are the two faculties of man’s rational nature. Training of these faculties is of utmost importance of lead and ‘ideal life’. The intellect enables him to think and learn, and the will to chose what is best of or what is least evil. These two faculties help man to make informed choices and take right decisions in every circumstance of life.

Man is also endowed with deep spiritual yearning. Whatever be one’s religion, one should set aside some time in one’s daily life for spiritual pursuits through prayer and meditation. The art of living an ideal life is the art of regulating one’s activities in harmony with his nature, his social surroundings and Nature itself.

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