OMTEX CLASSES: Business Services.

Business Services.

1. Overdraft facility is given to ___________
(Savings account, Current account, Fixed account)

2. The account suitable for creating saving habit is ____________
(Current account, Recurring deposit account, Saving account)

3. The is no limit on the frequency of withdrawals from a _____________
(Saving account, Fixed account, Current account)

4. Principle of utmost good faith is applicable to ______________
(Life Insurance, Marine Insurance, All types of insurance)

5. Principle of indemnity is not applicable to ____________
(Life insurance, Fire insurance, marine insurance)

6. Insurable interest must exist in _________________
(Life insurance contract only, Marine insurance contract only, Every insurance contract)

7. Bonded warehouses are located at ___________________
(Railway station, Villages, Ports)

8. Perishable goods are stored in ________________
(Bonded warehouses, Duty paid warehouses, Cold storage warehouses)

9. Postal services are administered by _________
(Private companies, Government of India, Panchayat)

10. In case of urgency and to avoid delays __________ is sent.
(Registered post, Speed post, Insured post)

11. In India railways are owned and managed by _______________
(Private companies, Government, Individuals)

12. Door to Door service is offered by _______________
(Rail transport, Road transport, Air transport)

13. The costliest means of transport is _______________
(Rail transport, Water Transport, Air Transport)

14. Road transport is suitable for ________________

(Short, Long, Medium)