People And Settlement Class 10th Social Studies AP Board Solution

Class 10th Social Studies AP Board Solution

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Question 1.

What is a settlement?


The way in which people organize themselves and their living spaces in a place is called settlement – that is geographical space people live and work. There are different kinds of settlement such as educational, religious, commercial, etc. Settlements started in early days when humans hunted and gathered the food. When the practice of agriculture started settlements expanded widely to other parts of the region.

Question 2.

How did human lifestyle change with settlements?


Early humans hunted and gathered their food. Because of this, they were called as hunters and gatherers. They didn't have any place as settlement, and they kept moving place to place. This movement was in search of food from plants and animals for hunting. They started using stones and tools which was made from the stones. They did not practice any agriculture. Changes in the obtaining of food took to the production of food, this made changes in the pattern of hunting and gathering - agriculture. This was only 10,000years ago. It brought concerning many changes in human lifestyles.

People did not have to travel to different places to gather food. They increasingly stayed in one place. Agriculturalist stayed in one place and practiced agriculture. This bought major changes in human lifestyle.

Question 3.

Define site features and situation features. Give one example for each from the place you live in.



The site refers to the place in which it has the characteristics of the place –such as its topography, altitude, water, etc.


• Refers to the place and the characteristics of the place.

• It includes topography, altitude, and water, types of soils, security, and shelter.

• The site is chosen as per different requirements.

• Example: Chhatrapati Shivaji built a fort in Pratapgad, Maharashtra.


It refers to the settlement made with the connection of other places.


• Things that are happening and the conditions that exist at a particular place.

• Connection with other places

• Example: Visakhapatnam is located on the coast and connects Andhra Pradesh

Question 4.

How does the Census of India define various kinds of places? How does it organize them in the order of size and other characteristics?


The Census of India organizes settlements in India using certain criteria. The census defines various types of settlements with different meanings. The table shows the various kinds of places according to the size and level of settlement. In the table, the topmost part shows the highest level of settlement and bottom most level shows the lowest level of settlement.

Indian settlement according to size and other characteristics

Question 5.

What is an Aerotropolis? How is it structured?


It is a new kind of settlement that is occurring in many countries, including India. These kinds of settlements are mainly centered in and around large airports. Therefore, the name aerotropolis or airport city. In aerotropolis, the airport functions as a city in its own right. Many amenities such as hotels, shopping, entertainment, food, business conferencing, etc. are provided in aerotropolis. People can afford the facility to fly in to conduct their business with their counterparts’ right there and fly out – with all the comfort of a city, without the traffic and other problems.

Some form of aerotropolisesis rising in these places in India: Bengaluru International Airport, Indira Gandhi International Airport (Delhi), and Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (Hyderabad).