Pollution: Earth’s enemy number one.

Pollution: Earth’s enemy number one. 

Pollution is the damage caused to the environment by harmful substances or waste . Pollution is our enemy number one today. Modern civilization and material progress have resulted in pollution everywhere - in the atmosphere, on land, in the seas and in the rivers. 

Our air is polluted by smoke, gasses and chemicals emitted by vehicles and factories. Besides this, there is noise pollution in big cities caused by vehicles, machines, loudspeakers and crackers. Pollution poisons the air and harms the ozone layer of the earth that protects us from the radiation of the sun. If the ozone layer is destroyed, mankind will perish. Nuclear radiation also pollutes the air causing terrible health hazards. 

Tonnes of industrial and chemical waste are thoughtlessly dumped into our rivers, lakes and seas and they kill fish and other marine life. Unplanned growth of cities brings about more and more slums. Where dirt, disease and death breed. 

We must take immediate and effective steps to fight pollution. We must reduce vehicular and factory smoke. We must stop the dumping of chemical wastes into our rivers, lakes and seas. We must grow more trees, protect our forests, and have more gardens and open spaces. The sooner effective steps are taken the better it will be for mankind.

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