Is having a Hobby / Leisure Time activity helpful?

Is having a Hobby / Leisure Time activity helpful?

If one spends all one’s time on work or study, life will become very boring and tiresome. Both the mind and the body need relaxation. Merely doing nothing does not relax either the mind or the body. Some other activity that fills the mind with pleasure and satisfaction is required. One needs a hobby or a favourite activity for pure fun and relaxation. 

The choice of a hobby depends upon one’s main occupation, physical health temperament and interests. The activity must provide a welcome diversion and relaxation. It must not put too much strain on the body and mind and must provide joy. If one’s main occupation involves a lot of strenuous work, the hobby should be restful such as reading or listening to music. If one’s main occupation is sedentary, such as working all day on the computer, the hobby should be one that involves physical activity such as gardening or trekking. 

A hobby brings variety and charm to our monotonous life. It provides relaxation and pleasure. It provides us with the opportunity to develop our natural interests. It refreshes the mind as well as the body. It helps us to achieve emotional equilibrium and thereby develop a balanced personality. Thus a hobby is indeed a must for the fullest enjoyment of life.

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