Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

‘Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home’. These famous words immortalise the importance of the home. Indeed, luxurious castles and glittering palaces seem nothing in comparison with the peace and serenity that even the humblest hut provides. 

‘Home is where the heart is’. All our innermost feelings, affection and devotion are concentrated in that one little place in the world., the place where we have been brought up, that is, our home. It is the place to which we keep returning to all the time; it is the place which we can never erase from our minds. 

Children grow up. They get married. They raise their own families. But nothing excites and pleases a person so much as a reunion with one’s brother and sisters and their families in the place where they have grown up together. They share the beautiful feeling of oneness with their own family. 

It is the mother who contributes most to the sweetness of the home. She provides everything that makes a house a home - orderliness, comforts, peace, love and security. She is the cement that holds the home together. Each member of the family in their own way contributes and adds to the sweetness of that loveliest place on earth, the home.

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