Expansion of Ideas Speech is silver, Silence is Golden.

Expansion of Ideas

Speech is silver, Silence is Golden. 

There is a Biblical proverb, 'If speech is silver, then silence is golden'. This proverb implies that silence is a priceless gift. Very often, in conversation, some people speak non - stop, and say hardly anything of value. Little do they realize that people, even in company, need silence in order to evaluate what is going on their minds. 

A good number of people think that whatever they say is very important and needs to be listened to. One valuable quality of communication is the ability to be a good listener. Listening to others is an art. But unfortunately, sometimes people just wait for the other person to stop so that they can begin their own part - which they rehearse while pretending to listen. 

To be silent is to be sensitive to the other person's thoughts and needs and problems. If you wish your company to be valued by others, sometimes keep quiet, listen and pay attention while others are speaking. By doing this you will be more helpful than chatting nineteen to the dozen. There is a beautiful song which has this line; You say it best when you say nothing at all!

Expansion of Ideas