Expansion of Ideas Service to Man is Service to God.

Expansion of Ideas
Service to Man is Service to God. 

Charles Eliot Norton, an educator and humanitarian, said, "They serve God well who serve His creatures." Benjamin Franklin, a great scientist said, "Serving God is doing good to man." 

The noblest creation of God is man. Yet, there are millions who suffer lives of utter misery and degradation. If we wish to worship God, the best way would be to devote our lives to the service of the poor and the destitute. Everyone recognizes the value of this kind of noble work and acknowledges its greatness. Politicians, statesmen and military generals are often forgotten with the passing of time. But noble souls like Gandhiji and Mother Teresa have earned universal reverence and live forever in the hearts of people, only because they worked selflessly for the good of others. Whenever Mother Teresa was asked, "Why do you do this work for lepers and the poor?", she would take the five fingers on the right hand of the person, and touching each finger would say five words; "I-do-it-for-Him!"

We find that even many rich people do not lift a finger to help an orphan, a widow or a poor deserving student. Don't they realize that God dwells in everyone? Whatever they have earned has been from society, so it naturally follows that they should give back to society what they have got from it. And the best way to do that would be by serving their fellowmen.

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