Expansion of Ideas Pride Goes Before a Fall

Expansion of Ideas
Pride Goes Before a Fall

Everyone knows the story about the deer who was proud of his beautiful horns and ashamed of his lean legs. however, when the deer was in danger, it was his legs that helped him run swiftly. His horns, that he was so proud of, got entangled in the branches and led to his death. Pride had brought about his fall!

It is not right to be proud of what we possess. if we have skills, we should quietly use them for our progress and in the service of others. If we are excessively proud of what we own, the very things we brag about will bring about our downfall. 

In the final reckoning, nothing in this world belongs to us. So what makes us so proud? Whatever wealth we accumulate during our lifetime should be used for the benefit of others. The tree in the forest is not proud of its products. Instead it freely gives its produce to the birds, animals, insects and man. It is only man who is vain, who loves to boast and show off his worldly possessions to others. Ultimately, however, he has to leave everything behind, while his body is left to burn or decay. To be proud is to be foolish. To be humble is to be wise.