Expansion of Ideas Prevention is Better than Cure.

Expansion of Ideas

Prevention is Better than Cure. 

We sometimes handle a knife carelessly, cut our fingers, allow the cut to go septic and, when the pain unbearable, consult a doctor. The doctor prescribes a prolonged and costly treatment. Wouldn't it have been better for us to have taken due precaution while using the knife? In fact, we can always protect ourselves against common ailments and diseases by resorting to proper precautionary, preventive measures. 

Very often, we are careless and do things thoughtlessly. We ignore signs that indicate the possibility of trouble. Finally when the trouble occurs. We regret our neglect, but by then it is too late. The proverb 'Prevention is better than cure' advises us to take necessary steps to stop something unpleasant from happening. 

This proverb has universal application. Proper maintenance of machines, buildings, roads or bridges can prevent their deterioration and thus forestall disaster. Health authorities should take prompt and effective steps during times of natural calamities in order to prevent the outbreak of epidemics. At the national level too, many problems that we are facing today would not have existed had the government acted firmly, promptly and boldly at the very start. 

The proverb stresses the need for foresight and precaution in dealing with every situation in our lives. If we develop such an attitude, it would certainly be much better than facing misery and searching for expensive remedies later on.

Expansion of Ideas

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