What tiny habits can create massive success?

What tiny habits can create massive success?

Exercise daily. 

Stop laying on bed, every now and then. Only use bed, when you want to sleep.

Stop eating sugar. Trust me, sugar does nothing good for you, and will cause severe damage to your health. Wanna eat something sweet after a meal? Try a couple of strawberries or grapes instead or some honey will also do the trick.

Stop using, your phone as Alarm clock, and if you can, keep your phone in the other room while sleeping. 

This way, your phone won’t be the first thing you check in the morning, and you are actually taking the temptation away. 

Try it, you will sleep much better and feel amazing in the morning.

Start reading, 
I mean physical books. 
They are an amazing stress reliever.

Go outside for a minimum of 1 hour daily and get some sunlight. Early morning is the best time.