Time allowed: 15 mins + 2.30 Hrs 

Maximum marks: 100

Answer all the questions. 14× 1 = 14

Choose the most suitable answer from the given four alternatives and write the option code and the corresponding answer. (7× 1 = 7)

1. Ariel tormented an ugly monster called ______.
a)Caliban b) Prospero c) Miranda d) Sycorax

2. The ______ sliced through all the T.V. aerials in the neighbourhood.
a) bow and arrow b) sword  c) boomerang d) electric saw

3. The story of Mulan is based on the legend of ______.
a) Hua Mulan b) Joan of Arc c) Zenobia d) Hawaii

4. The emperor gave Mulan _______.
a) six horses and six swords b) a death sentence c) gold d) six camels

5. Mrs. Krishnan was a ______.
a) talented artist b) Dentist c) skilled pianist d) efficient cook

6. ______ raised a dreadful storm.
a) Ariel  b) Prospero c) Miranda d) sycorax

7. ______ was the first who leaped into the sea.
a) Antonio  b) Ferdinand c) Prospero d) Gonzalo


Read the given lines carefully and identify the Character/Speaker.  (7× 1 = 7)

8. I will tie your neck and feet together.
a) Sycorax b) Ariel c) Miranda  d) Prospero

9. Poor souls! They will perish.
a) Prospero  b) Miranda c) Gonzalo d) Ferdinand

10. Come in zigzag, come in dear!
a) Dr. Krishnan b) Maya  c) Visu d) Aravind

11. Even though I clearly said no!
a) Dr. Krishnan  b) Maya c) Visu d) Aravind

12. Don’t swing on the curtain.
a) Dr. Krishnan b) Maya  c) Zigzag  d) Aravind

13. The General is a woman?
a) Mulan  b) Soldiers  c) The Emperor d) father

14. You are too kind sir.
a) Mulan b) Soldiers c) The Emperor d) father


Question no. 28 is compulsory. 10× 2=20


Answer any five of the following in one or two sentences. (5×2=10) [CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER

15. What is an Advertisement?

16. Mention any two features to make an advertisement attractive.

17. What are the aspects of a report?

18. Write any two points to be kept in mind while drafting a speech.

19. Name the two types of letters.

20. What is a Slogan?

21. Match the Slogan.

1. One for all and all for one - Save water
2. It takes a lot of blue to stay green - Unity


Answer any five of the following in one or two sentences. (5×2=10)

22. Write two slogans for creating awareness on Saving Water. [CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER

23. Match the following expressions with their appropriate functions.  

1. It’s up to you
i. having contact with some one
2. Hang in there
ii. decision making
3. It slipped my mind
4. Stay in touch
iv. forgetting

24. Expand the following news headlines. [CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER
i) India wins medals at CWG.
ii) Southern Railway to run special trains.

25. Complete the proverbs with the given options. [CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER
i) Knowledge is ______.
ii) ______ makes many things.
[money, power, arrow]

26. Complete the dialogue with two more exchanges. [CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER
Patient : May I come in?
Doctor : Yes. What is your problem.

27. Read the pie-chart carefully and write any two inferences on House Rent of some persons. [CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER]

28. Write the instructions to help a stranger to reach St. Thomas Church.  [CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER]


Question no. 42 is compulsory. 10× 5=50


Answer any three of the following. (3×5=15)

29. Rearrange the following sentences in coherent order. [CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER]
a. Ferdinand was the second human whom Miranda had seen after her father.
b. Prospero and Miranda came to an island and lived in a cave.
c. Prospero forgave them and restored his dukedom, Milan.
d. He raised a violent storm in the sea to wreck the ship of his enemies.
e. Prospero wanted to test Ferdinand and gave a severe task to perform.

30. Complete the following passage with suitable phrase from the options given below. [CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER

They ____ Lakshmi had apparently _____ the fan on which zigzag had let some ____. Half-pecked fruit ___the fan, dampening even Lakshmi’s enthusiasm as a guava _____ her cheek.

[landed on, froze in horror, streamed off, fruits and nuts, switched on]

31. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow.
Many years ago, china was in the middle of a great war. The emperor said that one man from each Chinese family must leave his family to join the army. Mulan, a teenage girl who lived in a faraway village of China, heard the news when she was outside, washing clothes.

Mulan ran into the house. Her father was sitting in a chair, carving a piece of wood. “Father” she said, “Did you hear what the Emperor says each family must do?”. “Yes” said her old father, I heard about it in town. Well, I may as well go pack up”. He put down his carving, stood up and walked very slowly to his room.


a. What was the condition of China?
b. What did the Emperor say?
c. Who heard the news?
d. What did Mulan ask her father?
e. What did Mulan say?

32. Complete the following mind map. [CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER]

i. Prospero and his daughter were _______.
ii. They survived with the help of _________. 
iii. Prospero released good sprits with his __________. 
iv. Among them _________ was the chief. 
v. Ariel raised the tempest to wreck the ___________. 

Section B.
Answer any seven of the following. (7×5=35)

33. Prepare an attractive advertisement using the hints given below. [CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER]
Home appliances – Aadi Sale – 20% - 50% - Special Offer on AC – OMTEX Co. – No. 1, Opposite New Bus Stop, Trichy. 

34. ‘Educational Development Day’ was organized in your school on 15thJuly. The District Collector was the Chief Guest of the event. As part of the event, many competitions were held and the prizes were distributed to the winners and participants. It was a grand and successful event. Now, as the member of the organizing committee, write a repost on the event in about 120 words. [CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER]

35. Write a Notice for your school’s Independence Day Celebration. [CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER]

36. Draft a speech to welcome the chief guest on the Independence Day Celebration. [CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER]

37. Make notes of the following passage. [CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER]
Butterflies are found in gardens. They look very beautiful with all the colours of the rainbow. There are about 50,000 different kinds of butterflies. They fly from flower to flower to suck nectar. The feelers help the butterfly to find its way. The tube mouth helps it to suck nectar and the tiny holes on the sides of its body help it to breathe. In the life cycle of the butterfly, there are four stages-egg, larva, pupa and adult. The life span of the butterfly is very short. William Wordsworth wrote a poem on the butterfly. He said that he could not tell whether it was sleeping or feeding.

38. Write a summary of the following passage. [CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER]
Qualities make a man great or small. Gandhiji had some qualities that made him great. These qualities were truth, courage, promptness in action and an open mind. He wasn’t afraid to face difficulties. He had courage. He was also a great doer and not just a dreamer. He did what he told others to do. The supreme virtue in his life was truth. His life was an encounter with truth. From his work, “My experiments with the truth” we know that he had to struggle a lot to be a man of truth. He was open minded. He could laugh at himself. He always replied the letters of children. When a friend of his called him Mickey Mouse, because of his big ears, he just laughed.

39. You are disturbed by the loud speaker of your area. You are affected a lot. You are Arun/Aruna of class X, studying in GHSS, Trichy. Write an article to The Hindu in about 100 words expressing your concern about the education of your area students. [CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER]

40. Write an email in the appropriate format to your teacher about the interesting English model that you have prepared for the literary fest. [CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER]

41. Describe the process of preparing your favourite dish. [CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER]

42. Look at the following picture and express your views on it in about five sentences. [CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER]


Answer the following questions. (2×8=16)
43. Develop the hints and write the summary of the short story.

a) keeping surrounding clean – learn this habit at a young age – good for society – don’t litter the streets – road side – with garbage, rubbish – advise friends – neighbours – clean society – clean habits – good health. [CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER]


b) Books – books have great value – made good companions – elevates our character – many varieties – select good books – don’t judge the book by its wrapper – scan and select – take the best out of a book. [CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER]

44. a. Write a complaint to the officer of the PWD department to take immediate actions of maintaining cleanliness in the Children’s Park in your locality. [CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER]


b. Imagine that you have parked your vehicle (two – wheeler)/ Bicycle inside the school premises. You find it missing in the evening. Write a complaint to the head of the school regarding this issue.  [CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER]