Important Do as directed for Board Exam 2019, for SSC 10th Standard Students.

1. Pick out the infinitives from the following sentence. 
He would teach me to write whole sentences and to add numbers. 

Answer: To write and to add are infinitives. 

2. Make a meaningful sentence by using the following phrase, ‘in pursuit of’

Answer: Mahatma Gandhi spent his time in pursuit of truth. 

3. Find out 2 hidden words of minimum 4 letters from - ‘tracheotomy’ 

Answer: motor and arch

4. Punctuate the following sentence. 
You have never heard of Bach he asked. 

Answer: “You have never heard of Bach?” he asked. 

5. Identify the type of sentence. 
What a horrifying news it is!

Answer: Exclamatory sentence. 

6. Write down a pair of “Homophones” with difference in meanings. 

Answer: sea and see, Here sea means the expanse of salt water, see means perceive with the eyes. 

7. Spot the error in the following sentence and rewrite it. 
We was discussing this unusual birthday party. 

Answer: We were discussing this unusual birthday party. 

8. Write two present participle in which, the last letter is doubled. 

Answer: running, batting.