S.P. July 2018 Secretarial practice Board Paper with Solution.

S.P. July 2018 Secretarial Practice Board paper with Solution.

1. (A) Select the correct answer from the possible choices given below and rewrite the statements: [5]

(1) Issue of share warrant requires prior approval of the ___________

(a) State Government (b) Local Body (c) Central Government

(2) A company can accept deposits from the existing shareholders and debenture holders upto __________ of the total paid-up capital and free reserves.

(a) 10% (b) 20 % (c) 25 %

(3) A market where existing securities are resold or traded in called ________ market.

(a) Commodity (b) secondary (c) primary

(4) The _______ concerns can acquire funds from various sources.

(a) newly established (b) small trading (c) well established.

(5) Final dividend is declared at ____________ meeting.

(a) extraordinary general (b) statutory (c) annual general.

(B) Match the pairs [5]

Group A
Group B
(a) Private Placement
(1) Recurring deposit
(b) N.S.D.L.
(2) Dividend
(c) Overdraft facility
(3) Evidence of deposit.
(d) Deposit receipt
(4) Interest
(e) Returns on share
(5) Depository out of India.

(6) A public company collecting capital privately.

(7) Depository in India

(8) Evidence of ownership

(9) A private Company Collecting capital privately.

(10) Current account

(C) Write a word or a term or a phrase which can substitute each of the following statements:

1. The place where buying and selling of securities takes place.

Ans. Stock Exchange.

2. The difference between current assets and current liabilities.
Ans. Working Capital.

3. The reserve created for the protection of interest of debenture holders.
Ans. Debenture Redemption Reserve

4. The latin word from which the word 'dividend' is derived.
Ans.  Dividentum

5. A definite promise in writing from a buyer for paying the amount on a specific Date.
Ans. Promissory note

2. Distinguish between the following (any three) 15

1. Final dividend and Interim dividend.

3. Write Short Notes on (any three) 15

1. Statutory conditions of valid allotment of shares.

4. State, with reason, whether the following statements are True or False. (any three) 15

1. Share transfer in depository made is fast and economical.


5. Attempt the following: (Any Two) 10

1. What is transmission of shares? State its reasons.

6. Answer the following: (Any one) 10


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  1. Fib 4 questions ans is wrong well established is the right ans