2. Choose the correct option and rewrite the statement.

a. The number of electrons in the outermost shell of alkali metals is ……………………..

          i. 1
          ii. 2
          iii. 3
          Iv. 7
b. Alkaline earth metals have valency 2. This means that their position in the modern periodic table is in ………………

          i. Group 2
          ii. Group 16
          iii. Period 2          
          iv. d – block.
c. Molecular formula of the chloride of an element X is XCl. This compound is a solid having high melting point. Which of the following elements be present in the same group as X.

          i. Na
          ii. Mg
          iii. Al
          Iv. Si
d. In which block of the modern periodic table are the nonmetals found?

          i. s - block
          ii. p - block
          iii. d - block

          iv. f – block.

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