Expansion of Theme and Story Completion. SSC New Syllabus 2018 - 19.

Expansion of Theme and Story Completion.

Write a story, with the following ending. Give it a suitable title and a moral, in about 80 – 100 words. 

‘I should not have judged him so harshly.’

Ans.     The Misjudged Ajay. 

            It was a morning and I was very upset. Ajay had promised to meet me at the canteen and he was late as always. This time I had decided that I would show him my anger. The minute he entered the canteen I yelled at him for making me wait for more than an hour. But, when I told him that I was leaving. He requested me to give him just one minute to explain the reason for his delay, but I was in no mood to listen. He finally convinced me and sat me down. 

            He told me that on his way to canteen, he witnessed an accident. He stopped to help the people who were injured. He even called the police and told them how the accident had taken place. He then called for an ambulance, so that the injured people could be taken to the hospital. Before he could even finish his story, I realized my mistake and sincerely apologized for yelling at him. I should not have judged his so harshly. 

Moral: Think before you judge. 

Develop a story around the idea of working hard in life. Suggest a suitable title for it. 

Ans.     The Rewards of Hard Work. 

Ajay came from a poor rural family. He came to the city to earn a living. He worked on construction sites for a few years as a daily wage laborer. In the evenings, he would work with a transport contractor, transporting goods. He regularly sent money to his parents in the village and also began saving some money for a better future. 

As the years passed by, he gained a lot of knowledge about the construction business at the sites where he was working. He then began taking small civil contracts for repair work and gradually, became a small-time contractor. A decade later, he became a well- established civil contractor in the city. His parents and siblings also moved to the city. His perseverance had paid off and he was finally able to provide for his family and lead a comfortable life. 

Expand the following idea in about 80 – 100 words:

“A Man is known by the company he keeps”

Ans. Man is a social animal. By nature, he cannot live alone. He always seeks the company of other people for the satisfaction of his needs. A man is usually judged by the kind of people he associates with, because to some extent, a person’s tastes and preferences are influenced by the people spends time with. 

For example, if a child is studious and likes reading books and studying, he would make friends who have similar interests. Thus, a person’s nature, likes, dislikes and preferences can be judged from the kind of people, he keeps company with. 

Perseverance is the key to success

Perseverance means persistently doing something, despite the difficulties or delay in the results. The road to success is paved with hurdles and we can only achieve success if we do not get bogged down by the obstacles. 

The qualities of determination, discipline and dedication are the pillars of perseverance. Success is a long and tiring journey, which requires a lot of hard work and patience. Indeed, the fruits of success are sweet. If we learn to enjoy our work and remain patient, we will unlock the path to success with the key of perseverance. 

Home Work

Expand the given ideas in about 80 – 100 words. 

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Dishonesty never pays in the long run. 

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