Practical 8 Title: Geogebra: Regular six-sided polygon.

Practical 8
Title: Geogebra: Regular six-sided polygon.

Software and Version: Geogebra 5.0.6
Construct a regular polygon with six sides using the Polygon tool.

Tools/Software: Computer with Geogebra Software installed.


1)       Start the Geogebra Software.
2)         Plot three points using the input bar, type A=(1,6)  then O=(6,6) and D=(11,6)
3)      Select the Circle with Centre through point tool and draw a circle with centre as O and passing through A.
4)      Similarly draw circle with centre as point A and point D passing through O.
5)      Intersect the new circles with middle circle using Intersect two objects tool to get new vertices C,B,E,F
6)      Select the Polygon tool, and click on the vertices from E in anticlockwise direction to get a closed polygon.
8)      Hide the circles by right clicking it and turn off the show object option.
9)      Click on the Angle tool and click inside the hexagon. It will show the interior angles of the hexagon, all equal to 120 o
10)   Save the construction with a suitable file name.

Result:  An Hexagon with the same side length is drawn.

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