HSC Political Science Important Question Bank 2018

Explain the Legislative procedure of any ordinary bill in the parliament.
Explain the jurisdiction of the High Court.
Explain the powers and functions of the President of India
Explain the ten salient feature of the Constitution of India.
Write a short note on Impeachment
Write a short note on right to equality
Anti-operation movement
Bharatiya kisan union
Discuss the impact of globalisation on policies of India.
Discuss the importance of preamble to constitution of India.
Discuss the law making procedure of the state legislature.
Discuss the source of constitution of India.
Distinguish between High court and supreme court.
Distinguish between Linguism and communalism
Distinguish between Mandamus & quo warranto
Distinguish between Parliamentary form of government and presidential form of government.
Distinguish between The Indian federation and the American federation
Distinguish between Vidhan Sabha and vidhan parishad.
Distinguish between ordinary bill and amendment bill
Distinguish between secularism and communalism
Elaborate the importance of powers and functions of speaker of Vidhan Sabha.
Explain emergency provision in India.
Explain the functions of Speaker of Lok Sabha
Explain the nature and power of Rajya Sabha.
Explain the right to freedom given to Indian citizen by the constitution
Explain the role of caste in India politics.
Explain the ‘rights against exploitation given in constitution of India
Explain writ ‘habeas corpus’.
Give an account of emergence of multiparty system in India.
Give reason for decline of one party dominance in India.
List down the powers of governor.
Method of amendment
State the qualification of Rajya sabha.
State the two methods of formation of a federation.
Tribal movement
What are provisions made to ensure independence of the judiciary
What are the Fundamental rights?
What are the benefits of socio-political movement?
What are the factors contributing for the growth of regionalism in India?
What are the functions of governor?
What are the qualifications of the post of Vice President?
What are the responsibilities of the prime minister in the alliance government? Discuss
What is Mandal Commission?
What is coalition government? Give examples.
Which provisions in the constitution of India make the central government dominant?
Write a note on Human rights movement
Write a note on shetkari sanghatana.
Write a short note on Chipko andolan
Write a short note on Collective responsibility
Write a short note on Dalit panther

Write the note on women’s movement in India.