HSC Geography Important Question Bank 2018

HSC Geography Important Question Bank 2018
Coal is used on large scale in industries. Give reasons
Composition of population is often affected by migration. Give reasons
Deccan plateau is known as Silicon Plateau. Give reasons
Describe Electronic industries.
Describe the World Trade Organization.
Describe the different types of coal.
Domestic trade is more developed in densely populated in densely populated region. Give reasons
Explain the Mumbai-Pune industrial belt in India
Explain the classification of minerals.
Explain the factors affecting the location of industries.
Explain the importance of minerals.
Explain the importance of pipeline transportation.
Explain the role of minerals in the economic development of a country.
Explain the role of ports in international trade.
Explain the world distribution of mineral oil.
Improvement in communication has brought major change in the International migration. Give reasons
In which factors world disparities are found?
Inland waterways are well developed in USA. Give reasons
Japan is called as a century in decade. Give reasons
Market gardening is a product of urbanization. Explain.
Market gardening is a product of urbanization. Give reasons
Mention the names of any four ports in India.
Middle-East countries are economically rich. Give reasons
Population plays an important role in the development of trade. Give reasons
Railway transport is less developed in Africa. Give reasons
Raw material is a dominant factor is the location of sugar industries. Give reasons
Shifting agriculture is harmful method of agriculture. Give reasons
State the areas of economic development.
State the uses of bauxite.
Sugar industries are located in sugarcane belt. Give reasons
The development of Canada and India is very different. Give reasons.
Trans-Siberian railway is the lifeline of Siberia. Give reasons
Western Europe has high density of population. Give reasons
What are the bases of migration?
What are the main objectives of ASEAN organization?
What are the modern means of communication?
What is density of population? Explain the socio-economic and political factors affecting it.
What is intensive commercial grain farming?
What is shifting Agriculture?
Which regions have density of population in the world?
Which regions have high density of population in the world?
Why Panama Canal is known as Gateway of the Pacific?
Write a short note on sex ratio.
Write short note on Human development.
Write short note on sugar industries.
Write short note pillars of human development.
Write short notes on India’s foreign trade.
Write the adverse effects of information technology.
Write the broad areas of SAARC for regional co-operation.
Write the effect of migration on social system.

Write the physical factors affecting on migration.

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