(1) What is the main idea of the extract?

Ans. The main idea of the extract is that the writer appeals people that there is a somebody hence we can remain a nobody to achieve that position of being± something in life.

(2) Why is it important for one to remain a temporal nobody? How?
Ans. It is important for one to remain a temporal nobody is to sustain our development become a true somebody. This requires an exercise of will, constantly watchout and talking to yourself morning or evening.

(3) What does Emily Dickinson declare with pride? Why?

Ans. Emily Dickson declares with pride that she is nobody because when you become a somebody, you invite adulation. This then begins to bog you down. To sustains our absolute terms and to become a true nobody we need to remain a nobody.

(4) What would you like to be in your life — Somebody or nobody? Why?

Ans. I would like to be a nobody at least temporal one so that I can achieve my target and become somebody in life. As its rightly said that "Work hard in silence and let success make the  noise" even I completely agree to this.

(5) Rewrite the following sentences in the ways instructed.

(i) This requires an exercise of will. (Rewrite it using the Simple Future tense.)

Ans. This shall require an exercise of will.

(ii) You have to constantly watch out and talk to yourself. (Rewrite it using another modal auxiliary showing compulsion'. )

Ans. You must constantly watch out and talk to yourself.

(iii) You begin to stagnate. (Rewrite it using the noun form of the word underlined.)

Ans. You began stagnation.

(6) Find out the words from the extract which mean-

(i) danger

Ans. Pitfall

(ii) praise

Ans. Lauded / adulation.

B. Grammar
Do as directed.

(i) He wanted to become _____________________ artist and live in ___________________ Himalayas. [Fill in the blanks with the appropriate articles]

Ans. He wanted to become an artist and live in the Himalayas.

(ii) She was able to talk __________ the group _________ her experience.
(Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions.)

Ans. She was able to talk with the group from her experience.

(iii) "Why are you crying?" said the woman to a little boy.
"I want a balloon," he said.

Ans. The woman asked the little boy why was he crying to which he replied that he wants a balloon.

(l) What is the extract about?

Ans. The extract is about imagining a world without poverty or a poverty free world.

(2) How will the poverty-free world take care of natural disasters?
Ans. A poverty free world with the help of market mechanism through insurance paying programmes, assisted of course by social-consciousness driven enterprises can take good care of people against natural disasters.

(3) According to the writer, what would, 'the world without poverty' be like?

Ans. According to the writer, 'the world without poverty' will be like where every man and woman would earn enough to take care of themselves & their family, save people from natural disasters, where no people can be hungry, illiterate and barefoot under-class.

(4) What can we do to help the poor in our society?

Ans. We can help the poor or needy people in our community in several ways. They are  
-  By providing them education for free.
- Better understanding & creating awareness in people.
- By donating our old belongings.
- By creating a group of volunteers or with the help of some NGO.
- By donating eatables, groceries & by organising collection drives with the help of people.  
- By fundraising, personal financial help & so on.

(5) Rewrite the following sentences in the ways instructed:

(i) Temporary problems could be taken care of by market mechanism. (Rewrite the sentence beginning with 'Market mechanism .....) (1)

Ans. Market mechanism can take care of temporary problems.

(ii) In the nineteenth century, there were third - class carriages. [Frame a Wh- question to get the underlined part as an answer)

Ans. Which century noticed the third - class carriages?

(iii) There would still be situations of temporary poverty. (Rewrite it using 'can'.)
Ans. There can still be situations of temporary poverty.

(6) What do the following words in the extract mean -
(i) devastated
Ans. Destroyed or damaged due to disasters.

(ii) hay
Ans. Spread over untidily

(B) Note-making : Read the following extract carefully and present the information in the for the help of the given clues :

Title : Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

Birth: 5th September 1888

Qualification: B.A. and M.A. with majors in philosophy

Introduced thinking of : Western idealist philosophers like Plato, platinus and Bergson into Indian thought.

Work: Translated Indian Philosophy into Standard academic jargon.

Ambassador: The Soviet Union.

Honours: National with Templeton Prize, Peace Prize of German Book Trade, Order or Merit.

(l) What is the extract about?

Ans. The extract is about the life and desires of one of the great women astronaut Kalpana Chawla.

(2) How was Kalpana connected with India and Indians?

Ans. Kalpana was very closely connected with India & Indians and she was proud to be an Indian. One such incident which shows this is one of her fellow astronauts and close friend, Daisy Chawla, died in a road accident. Despite of her celebrity status, Kalpana took pains to track down her former teachers, Classmates & friends in India and sowed a keen desire to stay is touch with them.

(3) How was Kalpana concerned about the well-being of the earth?

Ans. Kalpana was concerned about the well-being of the earth as she always urged young people to listen to the sounds of nature and take care of our fragile planet. Also, during her space trips, she took many breathtaking photographs of the earth for various terrestrial studies later on the ground.

(4) What would you like to do for India?

Ans. Being a proud citizen of India, there are many things I would like to do for my country. But there are certain things which needs attention immediately such as empowering the farmer, providing free primary education, organising seminars and workshops to create awareness about saving the environment and our planet.

(5) Rewrite the following sentences in the ways instructed:

(i) She took many breathtaking photographs of the earth.
(Rewrite it using the Present Perfect Continuous tense.)

Ans. She has been taking many breathtaking photographs of the earth.

(ii) He scattered her ashes over the Himalayas.
(Rewrite it beginning with 'Her ashes. .... .')

Ans. Her ashes were scattered over the Himalayas by him.

(iii) Kalpana was extremely proud of her birth-place and made every effort to bring it into limelight. (Rewrite it using 'not only.. but also' .)

Ans. Kalpana was not only proud of her birthplace but also made every effort to bring it into limelight.

(6) Give the antonyms from the extract for -
(i) collected
Ans. Scattered

(ii) forgot
Ans. Remembered

Ans. Summary:
Kalpana's Affection Towards India.

The extract is about the life and desires of one of the great women astronaut Kalpana Chawla. Kalpana was very closely connected with India & Indians and she was proud to be an Indian. One such incident which shows this is one of her fellow astronauts and close friend, Daisy Chawla, died in a road accident. Despite of her celebrity status, Kalpana took pains to track down her former teachers, Classmates & friends in India and sowed a keen desire to stay is touch with them.
Kalpana was concerned about the well-being of the earth as she always urged young people to listen to the sounds of nature and take care of our fragile planet. Also, during her space trips, she took many breathtaking photographs of the earth for various terrestrial studies later on the ground.

SECTION - B (Poetry)

Q.4.(A) Read the following extract and answer the questions given below :

(l) Why did the mother go to her daughter's room?

Ans. The mother went to daughter's room as she felt that guilt that the way she treated her daughter was quite harsh & she shouldn't have behaved in this manner.

(2) How can the mother be a friend to her daughter?

Ans. A mother can be a friend, a guide, a mentor & a well-wisher. Mother plays child's life. She always suggests the best option for her kids as no one can than her. A mother — daughter relationship should be friendly & transparent daughter feels comfortable to share everything with her mother & get right advice.

(3) Name and explain the figure of speech in the following line
"..... they're pretty like you"

And. The figure of speech is _
Simile - 'They' are (i.e. flowers are ) directly compared to to 'you' (the mother) by using the word like for poetic effect.

(4) What is the effect of dialogues in the poem?

Ans. the use of dialogue makes the poem effective and lively.

(B) Read the following extract and answer the questions given below.

(1) What did the rings of the trunk of the tree reveal about its age?

Ans. The rings of the trunk of the tree reveals about its age that it was two hundred years old.  

(2) According to you, how do trees help the mankind ?

Ans. Trees are sacred for we Indians since long time. We have a very special attraction with trees and nature. We know the benefits of trees that is right from food, air, shelter, medicines, etc. We get each & every possible things from trees which fulfills our requirement. Through trees we also learn many moral values in life. In short, existence of humans without trees & nature is impossible on this planet.

(3) Give an example of 'Repetition' from the extract.

Ans. The example of Repetition is
"by men with axes chopped & chopped"

(4) The poem has picturesque expressions. They make the poem lively. Pick out such expressions from the extract.

The great tree revealed its rings of two hundred years
We watched in terror and fascination this slaughter
Ans. My son never saw the skeleton in the cupboard, he played a small part in the events followed its discovery. He was fifteen that year & was back from his boarding school in Simla after spending the long winter holidays in Dehradun. I was still managing the old Green's hotel in Dehra, a hotel that was soon to disappear & become part unrecorded history. It was called Green's not because it promoted to the spread of any greenery. But because it has been started by an Englishman, Mr. Green in 1920 who died at the outset of the Second World war. He had just sold the hotel & was on his way back to England when the ship on which he travelling was torpedoed by a German submarine. Mr. Green went down with the ship.

The hotel had already been in decline, and the new owner, a Sikh businessman from Ludhiana, had done his best to keep it going. But Post - War and Post - Independence, Dehra was going through a lean period. His stepfather's motor workshop was also going through a lean period - a crisis, infact - & I was glad to take the job of running the small hotel while he took a job in Delhi.

I wrote to him about once a month, giving him news of the hotel, some of its more interesting guests, the pictures that were showing in town.

Charles : Hi Orlando ! I am a famous wrestler. I am champion of the country & had brave & strong young men.
(Orlando was a fine wrestler, too, & decided to try his strength against Charles)

Charles : Since, I am a professional wrestler, Sir I must always fight to win, in order to keep any reputation. Anyone who fights me runs the risk of being badly hurt. Please warn your younger brother & persuade hum to change his mind.
[Oliver thought this was a good opportunity to get rid of Orlando, so he told all lies to Charles. Oliver pretended that Orlando was a bad and ungrateful and descented punishment.]

Oliver: I would rather broke his finger and you have my permission to do what you like with the boy.

[So Charles promised to do his best to kill Orlando]

Charles: If he comes to fight tomorrow, I'll give him his payment. If he can walk away after. I have finished with him, I'll never wrestle again.

Ans. Sid & me picked Bronx and then headed to pick her friend Roma. Roma was an air-hostess with a reputed Airways. The moment Herman saw here he fell in love with her. It was love at first sight for him. All four of them went for lunch together & than for a long drive. While they went for long drive Herman & Roma started talking to each other as this was their first meeting were quiet shy & hesitant earlier to make conversation. After sometime, all four talking about their childhood memories. Herman wanted to confess Roma that he likes her but couldn't do it at first. All of them were having good time with each other & now this didn't seem that this was a blind date for Herman & Roma while they were discussing about their memories & school days. Herman & Roma came to know that they were that same buddies who used to share everything with each other & met after these many years. This came as a surprise for both of them.

Aruna A. Shinde
B1 - 104, Rose Parade,
S. B. Road, Nagpur.
08th May, 2016.

The Managing Director,
Cosmos Ltd.,
72 - E Industrial Area,
Andheri (E),
Mumbai : 400093.

Subject: Application for the post of Electrical Engineer.

Reference: Advertisement in Times of India.

Respected Sir,

With reference to your advertisement in "Times of India" for the post of Electrical Engineer dated 06th May, 2016. I wish to apply for the same.

I am very energetic person with excellent communication skills, proficient with computer and ready to face any target set by your esteemed company. I am willing to work hard and would also like to add knowledge with experience. I hold B. E. (Electrical) degree from "Nagpur University". I have also completed my computer Diploma from NIIT, Nagpur. I have 2 years of experience as a purchase officer in Login Private Ltd. Nagpur.

My resume is sent with this letter for your reference. I shall be much thankful to you, if you grant me an interview call at your convenient time. I am looking forward to join your esteemed company as early as possible.

Thanking you,

Yours Truly,

(Aruna Shinde)

Enclosure: Resume & Photocopies of educational certificates.


(2) Write a letter to the Editor of a Newspaper drawing attention to the noise pollution in your locality. Suggest some solutions.


7G, Rainbow Colony,
Dharavi Cross Road,
Mumbai - 400017.

Subject: Noise Pollution in Dharavi Road.

Respected Sir,
Through the esteemed column of your newspaper, I want to draw the attention of authorities towards the noise created by loudspeakers & vehicles in this colony. Not a single day passes, when one cannot escape from the noisy atmosphere. The sound of loudspeakers at the time of religious ceremonies, parties or wedding ceremonies adds to the noise in the area. People use the loudspeakers at a high volume, which harms our ears and other sensitive parts of the body. It impacts people of all age group but creates more problem for old age group and babies. The vehicular pollution too disturbs our health.  The patients are unable to have a wink of sleep. The attention of the students is affected due to loud noise & thus puts a direct impact on their health & studies.

I request the authorities to take remedial steps in this regard & instruct to use the loudspeakers at a lower pitch within the allotted time period. This will definitely bring a relief to all & the residents would be protected.

The residents of our locality would thank all the authorities, if necessary steps are taken at the earliest.

Thank you,

Yours truly,



Introduction: Ooty is the queen of Hill with beautiful lakes, rivers, scenery, etc. It is situated in the heart of Tamil Nadu.

i.                     How to go there: Ooty is well connected with rest of India. One can go to Ooty by the way of Plane, Bus or Train:

  Plane: Daily two flights namely IA – 550 and IA – 330 from Mumbai to Ooty are available.

Bus: The State Transport Bus Services and many other private Bus Services are available from Mumbai to Ooty.

  Train: There are many trains available which can take you to Ooty. The most convenient is “Mumbai – Ooty Express”

ii.                    Where to Stay: Accommodation is no problem in Ooty. The Government tourist Hotels and other Big and  Small hotels are available to suit everyone's budget.

iii.                  When to Visit:   June to October is the best time of the year to visit Ooty.

iv.                  What to See:     The climate and scenery of Ooty is mind – blowing. It is a well planned hill station  with huge roads, parks, theatres, and gardens, there are many interesting places to see like Bull Temple, Lord Ganesh Temple, Dolphin Nose, Flower Garden,  Lord Murugan Temple, Palatial Buildings, etc,.

v.                   Shopping:          Shopping in Ooty is fun. One can buy very traditional and well as modern things from Ooty. Ooty is very famous for woollen clothes.  
vi.                  Anything Special As far as food is concerned Ooty is famous for Black tea, Idli, Vada, Sambar, Masala dosa, Idli fry, Prawns fry, Mugal Briyani, etc. The people are very culture oriented and highly intelligent. They give more importance to their education.


(2) Imagine that your college arranged a Cleanliness Drive in which your Principal, Social activist, the local MLA, doctors, teachers and students participated on a large scale. The event was a grand success as it made people aware of cleanliness and Social hygiene.
Prepare a short report for your college magazine with the help of the Following points.

Venue, chief guest, inauguration, unique participation, and conclusion.

Cleanliness Drive

4th October, 2017

On 2nd October, 2017 our college organized cleanliness drive on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. The main purpose of this program was to create awareness among the students regarding cleanliness & its benefits. Under this program, all the students from I Ith & 12th grade had to participate. Even professors were the essential part of this drive. As a part of this cleanliness drive, we had to clean the whole college. The sweepers of the college had to be the observers. Our principal started the programme by cleaning playground. Then the professors & students followed.

Some of us picked brooms & started our job. Some of the students did the dusting of the classrooms. And others went to the playground & started picking wrappers lying scattered there. All the garbage collected was thrown in the dustbin. After this, we all assembled in college auditorium. There we were given refreshment and snacks. Thereafter our principal delivered the speech regarding the importance of cleanliness. He also appreciated all of us for this noble job. In the end, we all took oath of keeping our home, locality & city clean. It was a unique experience for all of us. We were curious to be the part of this great drive.

- By Student Reporter.

(C) Write on any ONE of the Following items. (4)

(1) Read the following tree diagram about 'Morphemes' and write a short paragraph on it.

Morphemes or Linguistic Study

Morphemes is the linguistic field of study. It is the smallest linguistic unit with a word that can carry a meaning. The study of morphemes is called as "Morphology". Every morpheme can be classified as either free or bound. The bound type is further classified as prefix which is the initial position, Infix which is middle position and suffix which is the final position. The suffix has three types namely Derivational, Inflexional & bound base. The derivational also has sub-category of class changing and class maintaining.

"Facebook Addiction" - A new disorder

Though Facebook is an excellent networking site still it has become like an addition disorder among people. One can easily create an ID in Facebook and interact with others.

Facebook helps people to creates profile easily but at the same-time there are lot of reports of fake ID, scams, abusing hacking the account, harassment, etc, which disturbs an individual mentally. Facebook being useful but has lot of criticism and activities that disturbs the Social environment.

Q.7. Answer the following questions as per instructions :

Ans. Today, I am glad to interview one of my favorite sports personality Mr. Dhoni. Thank you sir for your valuable time. We would like to know more about you.

(l) What is the role of sports in an individual's life?

(2) Do you think sports should be a part of our education system?

(3) Was that difficult for you to choose between job security and playing cricket dream?

(4) What's your personal mantra?

(5) What is the key to become a successful sports person?

(6) Can you share your secret for staying cool under pressure?

(7) Being a successful sports person you must have got lot of criticisms to hear. How do you handle them?

(8) India has many achievements in sports internationally. How can we do better so that other sports students or athletes get a chance to do better globally?

(9) Do you have any plans of opening any kind of sports academy or institution for students?

(10) How can India improve as a nation in sports?

(11) Any tips you would like to share with our students?

(B) Speech Writing:

Ans. Good morning everyone. A very welcome to one and all present here. Today on the occasion of World Environment Day, I would like to share my thoughts of saving trees. Trees are a great part in our planet. Humans & other life cannot survive on this planet without trees. They are the valuable gift of nature to us. Hence, we should honour the presence of trees. It has been since long time that people have understood the importance of trees. Our country is the pioneer of the idea.

As it is always said that whatever we do to our nature they always repay us. The same way trees repay us. Trees gives us lot of benefits. Right from food, wood, houses, furniture, etc... trees provides us with many useful things. They give us fuel to burn, fruits to eat, spices & also many beneficial medicines. They also provide us with oxygen that quite essential for we humans. They help in reducing pollution & they are food for animals in the environment.

Now a days, we have prompted deforestation to a great extent than encouraging afforestation. Due to which there are lot of problems & consequences that are being faced by all the living & non - living things in the nature. Global warming has increased for our future generations. Hence, it is an alarming time for all of us to realize & understand the importance of trees & saving our environment. Each & every citizen should feel responsible for this & take certain initiative in several ways to promote & be a part of this cause, "Save Trees Save Environment."

Thank you for your valuable time & patience.















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