Computer Science HSC Important Question Bank 2018

A block of data is stored from memory location 4501H and onwards. The length of the block is stored at memory location 4500H. Write an Assembly Language program to find the sum of block of data. Store the two-byte result from memory location 4600H.
Compare Twisted Pair Cable and Coaxial Cable.
Compare any three attributes of 80386 and 80486 Microprocessor.
Discuss the Micro-controllers in 8051 family.
Distinguish between LAN and WAN.
Draw block diagram of Generic Microprocessors.
Explain Bubble Sort Algorithm with suitable example.
Explain Multiuser and Time Sharing Operating systems.
Explain PUSH and POP instructions of 8085.
Explain Star and Bus Network Topology.
Explain Virus Detection, Removal and Prevention.
Explain any three tags of HTML which do not have ending tags.
Give advantages of Fiber Optic Cable over an Electrical Cable.
Give features of Windows 98 operating system.
Give three differences between WORM and VIRUS.
Locate smallest number in a block from 2050H to 2060H store it in memory location 2061H.
State any 6 characteristics of Constructor.
State any six features of 8051 Microcontroller.
State features of WINDOWS-NT
State the features of Pentium Processor.
State the various steps involved in the allocation of partition in case of fixed partition memory management.
State three characteristics of Static Data.
What are the hardware interrupts? Explain Vectored and non-vectored interrupts of 8085 MPU.
What is Constructor and Destructor in C++? Give example of constructor and Destructor in c class.
What is File System? List and explain types of File systems used in OS.
What is HUB? Explain all types of HUB.
What is Inheritance? Explain any two types of inheritance with memory.
What is Linked List? How they can be represented in Memory?
What is Microprocessor? List its functions.
What is System call? List any two system calls for memory Management, Process Management and Information Management.
What is Transmission media? Explain in short six characteristics of Transmission Media.
What is Virtual Memory? Explain any three terms related to virtual memory.
What is a single chip computer? State its advantages.
What is computer Virus? What are the different method by which virus can infect other programs?
What is function overloading? Give examples of Function Overloading.
What is protocol? Explain the concept of TCP/IP Protocol.
What is virtual function in C++? Give any six rules to write virtual functions.
What is wireless media? Write any two advantages of Wireless Media.
With suitable example explain how a tree can be represented in Memory.
Write ALP to store data in 20 contiguous memory locations starting from 8081H.
Write a Assembly Language Program to copy a block of data having starting address 4500H to new location starting from 4600H. The length of block is stored at memory location 44FF H.
Write a note on Ethernet.
Write a program in C++ to accept a string from keyboard and copy string into another string without using the Library Function.
Write a program in C++ to accept three integers from keyboard and find greatest number with using Condition Control.
Write a program in C++ to find area of circle using class.
Write a short note on Modem.
Write an Assembly Language Program to add 2 decimal numbers stored at 1050H and 1051H. Store result at 1052H and 1053H.
Write an algorithm for Binary Search Method. Explain algorithm with suitable example.
Write an algorithm to find smallest element in an Array.
Write any three difference points between Memory mapped I/O and I/O mapped I/O Addressing scheme.

Write any three instructions to make Accumulator Zero.