Look at the notice issued by the Supervisor of your school

Q.5. (A) Do any one of the following activities: [5 marks]

A1. Letter Writing

Look at the notice issued by the Supervisor of your school.

Picnic To Lonavale

Contribution Rs. 500

Spots to be visited : Wax Museum, Narayanidham, Dams, Duke’s Nose Enjoy scenic beauty, pleasant weather.

Need to carry : Water bottle, proper clothing, caps, essential medicines, snacks for your taste.

Start : 7.30 a.m. from school

Return : 9.30 p.m. to school.

You stay in a Hostel. Write a letter to your daddy asking permission to go for the picnic. Also, request him to give you the necessary amount.


7G, Rainbow hostel,
Dharavi Cross Road,
Mumbai - 40017.
8th March, 2017.

Dear Father,

I am writing this letter to you to inform you about a day’s picnic that has been arranged by our school authorities to Lonavala next weak. I am wondering if you could allow me to go as well. We will be visiting the wax museum, Narayanidham, Dukes Nose, and some dams. The supervisor has allowed us to carry snack items of our choice too. We have been asked to carry warm clothing and essential medicines for the trip.

The contribution for the picnic is Rs 500 per student. If you don’t mind me going on the trip, could you please send across the money as soon as possible? Also, if Mother could prepare some of my favourite snack items, I will be able to enjoy them with my friends at the picnic. I have included a copy of the notice for the other details of the picnic. I will be waiting for your reply!

Hope all at home are well. Do convey my regards to them and I hope to see all of you soon.

Your loving son,


A2. 30% Water cut Mumbai: Due to major repairs of pipeline in Dadar and nearby areas, 30% water cut will be implemented for G (N) and (S) wards. Citizens are requested to use water carefully and store water for a day. Water supply will resume on Sunday night. Do not panic.

Write a letter to the Secretary of your Housing Society informing him about the news and drawing his attention to the problem. Request him to take the necessary steps.

7G, Rainbow colony,
Dharavi Cross Road,
Mumbai - 400017.
8th March, 2016.

The Hon. Secretary,
Heaven Apartment,
New Mahim Road,
Mumbai - 400016

Subject: Restricted water supply due to repair work

Dear Sir,

It is with much regret that I have to draw your immediate attention to a matter of prime concern - The G (N) and (S) wards in the city will experience 30% water cut from Tuesday until Sunday night this week, as major repair work will be carried out of pipelines in Dadar and nearby areas. As our society is a part of the (S) wards. I
request you to take necessary measures to share this news with the other residents so that everyone can make arrangements to store water for the period.

I hope that you will give this matter its prompt and due attention so that we face no major problems during that time. It is very important that we insist on cautious use of water and minimum wastage, so that none of the residents face major inconvenience during the mentioned week.

Yours faithfully,



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