Look at the following news and write a letter to your sister encouraging her to develop a terrace garden.

House Garbage to cultivate garden Pune: Mrs. Lele of Sahakar Nagar used the wet garbage from the kitchen, to develop a garden. She has planted flower plants as well as vegetables. She derived sheer joy and gets fresh veggies.

7G, Rainbow Villa,
Gandhi Nagar,
31st March, 2014

Dear Didi,

Let me first of all congratulate you for purchasing a terrace flat. I am sure, you are shifting to your new flat very soon. I think you should develop a garden in the terrace. It will not only provide a soothing greenery to your eyes but also bring peace to your heart.

It is also a good hobby to pass your leisure time fruitfully. I remember reading a news item in the recent newspaper which said that house garbage can be used to cultivate garden. You can compost your kitchen food waste to grow the garden. It is very easy and requires little time, effort or space. This compost is invaluable for the soil in your potted plants. It is a total natural food for the soil.

Above all, this will help in reducing pollution by making a proper use of the waste. You can plant flower plants as well as vegetables. I am sure you will enjoy growing fresh vegetables for your family and flowers to add a lively and colourful joy to your life. Convey my regards to Jijai and love to kids.

Your loving sister,


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