Principles of management improve the efficiency of employees.

This Statement is True


1. Management principles help to improve understanding: -The principles of management help the manager to understand the organization. The study of the principles of management helps to improve the understanding of the situations and problems. It further helps the manager to find out the solutions to the problems and handle situations.

2.       Help in increasing the efficiency: -By using these principles the organization can increase the efficiency of the employees. Principles can guide the mangers about handling the human resource, reducing the wastage, co-ordinate the activities of different departments, etc. all this helps to improve the productivity in the organization,

3.       Help to develop the objective approach: -The principles of management help the manager to develop an objective approach. Thus the manager can identify the problem in correct manner and he can provide solutions in an objective manner. This approach builds confidence in the minds of the managers.

4.       Help to co-ordinate and control: - Management principles give the guidelines for better co-ordination and control. While practicing management the managers can make use of thee principles to co-ordinate the activities of different departments. Manager can exercise better control over the organization. Thus the given target can be achieved easily.

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