‘Overuse of Electronic Gadgets’ - ‘Electronic Gadgets are Hazardous to Health’

‘Overuse of Electronic Gadgets’ - ‘Electronic Gadgets are Hazardous to Health’.

I strongly agree with the view that overuse of electronic gadgets is hazardous to health. Electronic gadgets have become an important part of our daily life today. It is important to know that excessive use of electronic gadgets may have adverse affect on our health and we need to be careful. Gadgets, wherein there is radiation, are quite harmful to health as they pose various problems. Several studies and researches have suggested about the various harmful effects gadgets have on human health. Have you ever imagined that why after watching Television for a long time you tend to feel tired and your eyes strained? Sometimes even listening to music from earphones for a long time can cause pain in the ears.  

The use of these gadgets increases our dependence on them and thus, retards our thought processes and creativity. Due to the use of such gadgets, man does not need to be mobile and hence, can get work done at the tap of a button or touch screen, thus making him lazy and tired and prone to physical issues like obesity. The modern trend among young teenagers is to show off their latest mobile phone with all the latest features. So teenagers today want to own the most up to date mobile phone irrespective of its cost. Mobile phones apart from having harmful effects on human health are putting human life at a high risk now-a-days. People today are accustomed to talking on their mobile phone while driving. This would mean they fail to concentrate on the road which means the chances of a road accident has increased due to excessive use of mobile phones. Once the electronic gadgets get discarded they are added to the non - biodegradable waste. Hence, it can be concluded that the overuse of elctronic gadgets is hazardous to health.