Organising Directing

1. Meaning: Organising referes to the process of putting together various resources and activities of the organization in a system.
1. Directing means instructing, guiding, inspiring and motivating the subordinate employees to that their efforts result in the achievement of goals.
2. Objectives: The main aim of organizing is to identity and bring together all the resources of function.
2. The main objectives of directing is to ensure that the employees at different levels accomplish their tasks according to plans.
3. Area of function: Organizing involves identifying the activities and grouping of relative activities of the organization.  
3. Directing involves guiding instructiing, inspiring, motivating and communicating the subordinates.
4. Order: Organising function follows the function of planning as resources are required to the arranged as per the planning.
4. Direction function follows organising and staffing as direction is needed to guide and inspire the emplyees.
5. Nature : Organising functions continues till the time all the needed resources are collected.
5. Direction function continues till the time the given targets are achieved.
6. Levels of management. : Usually the function of organising is undertaken by the top level management and middle lever management.
6. Uaually the function of directing is undertaken by the middle level management.

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