Q1. A. Select the proper option from the options given below  and rewrite the sentences:: (5)

1. The karta in a Joint Hindy Family Business has unlimited liability.
2. Perishable goods are stored in cold storage warehouses.
3. The process of contracting a business functions to someone else is called outsourcing.
4. Businessmen are trustees of the society.
5. Government has established Lok Adalat to settle consumers’ disputes by compromise.

B. Match the correct pairs: [5]

Group ‘A’
Group ‘B’
(a) Co-operative Society
(3) One member one vote.
(b) F.W. Taylor
(5) Father of scientific management.
(c) Direction function
(1) Manager
(d) A.T.M.
(6) 24 hours service
(e) Rail transport
(4) Government owned.

C. Write a word or a phrase or a term which can substitute each one of the following statements: [5]

1. Nominal partner
2. Consumers
3. District Forum
4. Principle of Division of Work
5. Planning.

Q2. Distinguish between the following (Any Three) [15]

Q3. Write short notes on the following Any Three: 15]

1. Disadvantages of e - business.
2. Any ‘five’ principles of managment.
3. Types of partners.
4. Importance of staffing.
5. Role of Transport.

Q. 4. State with reasons whether the following statements are true or false. (Any Three) [15]

1. Maximisation of profit is the object of a co-operative society.
2. e- business means using the internet to connect people and processes.
3. Business organisations have various types of social responsibilities.
4. Cosumer Protection Act is not a blessing for the consumers.
5. Principles of management improve the efficiency of employees.

Q. 5.  Write short answers of the following: Any Two  [10]

1. State the social responsibilities of a business towards consumers.

2. State the characteristics of Entrepreneurship.

3. State the importance of controlling.

4. State the right of consumers.

Q6. Define Joint Stock Company and explain its features.


Define Fire Insurance. Explain the various types of fire Insurance Policy.

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