Imagine Prithvi as your classmate and write a letter congratulating him on the grand success. Take points from the following news:

Sunny days ahead for Prithvi Mumbai : Prithvi Shaw shot into limelight by slamming a record of 546 in the Harris Shield. It was the stamina and hard work that brought the stupendous achievement.

No. 7G, Rainbow Colony,
M.G. Road,
Dharavi (E),
Mumbai - 400017

Dear Prithvi,
Hi! how are you? I miss you a lot. It’s bee quite some time that we last communicated and so I decided to write to you, especially in the wake of your recent success. Myself and my parents heartiest congratulations on you having slammed a record of 546 in the Harris Shield.
Hope your family and your coach may be at the peak of happiness for such achievement is not often achieved and comes to only those deserves it and had the dream and dare.
I am sure that you have put in hours of hardworkk and practice and have followed the strategies and techniques demonstrated by (me Just for kidding) your coach. Keep it up my dear friend. Convey my greeting to all at home.
Your loving friend,


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