1. A. (1) The main ides of the extract is the author’s idea of writing a novel and his initial problem in starting to write. [1 Marks]

(2) The narrator bought two dozen penny exercise books so that he would have ready everything necessary to write a novel, and also so that he would not change his decision to write. [2 Marks]

(3) The narrator was unprepared for writing a novel. He had only written dag - Latin prescriptions before and had never composed a significant phrase in all his life.  [ 2 Marks]

(4) In my forthcoming vacation, I will play happily with all my friends. I will join a musical class and learn various new things. I will also join computer class to learn computer basics and MS Office. I will also join a library and read valuable books.

(5) (i) I used to  stand on the shore of that desolate Highland loch.
(ii) I had gone down to my milk and junket.
(iii) Walking straight to the village, I bought myself two dozen penny exercise books.

(6) (i) Change - Opportunity
(ii) Lake - Loch.

1. (B) (i) J.R.D. Tata was an amazing personality. He always helped the poor in the country.

(ii) They stood in silence as a mark of honour to her.

(iii) He asked me where I was going. I respectfully told him that I was going to Pune. I further told him that my husband was starting a company called infosys and I was shifting to Pune.

Q.2 (A)

(1) The extract is about Earth conservation and saving it by not using man made resources which can harm the environment and sacrificing the same on the Earth Day. [1 Mark]

(2) Our environment can be made celan by the following activities: [2 Marks]

(i) Consume as little as possible and try to Repair, Reuse and Refuse to new things.

(ii) Replacing old bulbs with CFL’s or LED’s as well as using public transport to reduce pollution.

(iii) We can start a waster segregation system which can help to sell off the compost organic waste in form of money.

(iv) Avoid using thin plastic bags or any other wasteful plastic packaging which can harm the environment.

(3) We live our lives like everyday is Earth Day, but we all should believe the same because of the harmful effects that we as humans are contributing everyday in the form of air pollution, water pollution as well as effecting flora and funa. By commemorating Earth Day and following the environmental saving techniques of cutting consumption, saving energy, reducing waste and avoiding man made materials of plastic.

(4) Regular bulbs release a lot of toxic chemicals in the air which make them polluted as if such chemicals are inhealed by humans can contribute to severe mental disorders such as brain hambrage. Using CFL’s and LED’s firstly would help in less consumption of electricity and as it doesn’t have health
hazard chemicals it does not release any posionous gaseous chemicals.

(5) (i) Not only Earth Day deserves a commemoration but also our total dedication.

(ii) Let us start a Waste Segregation System in our building.
(iii) You must sell waste to the raddi-wallah and give him a small token of appreciation.
(6) (i) resolve - to find a solution
(ii) toxic - dangerous / posiononus

(B) Note making: [4 Marks]

Vitamins are obtained form
Vitamins are obtained directly from food
Vitamin A, D, E, K
B Vitamin
B vitamins including niacin, folic acid and riboflavin, and helps enzymes to function.
Vitamins consist of
1. Nitrogen
2. Oxygen
3. Carbon
4. Hydrogen

Essential for eyes, skin etc.
Helps enzymes to function.
Formation of collagen.
Helps the body absorb calcium.
Prevents cell damage.
Helps blood clotting.

Q.3 (A)
(1) The extract tell us about the different types of Oils, its uses and the process of Oil formation. [1 Mark]

(2) Crude mineral oil comes out of the earth as a thick brown or balck liquid with a strong smell. It is a complex mixture of many different substances, each with its own individual qualities and it originates from the carcasses of tiny animals and from plants that live in the sea. [2 Marks]

(3) Continental drift is formed when the earth’s crust is split into a few huge continental plates which move continuously rather like rafts on a sluggish tide and this movement is called as ‘continental drift’ by the Geologists. [2 Marks]

(4) We can stop the excess use of energy by the following methods:
(i) Energy conservation - Petro chemicals form one of the major part of energy which is used in a day to day life in the form of mode of transportation which can be save by optimum utilization of fuels and turning of the engines when not needed.

(ii) Saving energy - A lot of energy is used in rural and urban areas in the form of coal which actually componsates to major part of air pollution as it releases a lot poisonous gases and not used to the

(5) (i) No other source of energy is as major as oil.
(ii) This material hardens and it becomes sedimentary rock.
(iii) What do Geologists call this movement?

(6) (i) Artificial - Mineral
(ii) Lighter - Thicker

(B) SummaryWriting
[4 Marks]

Oil - The Source of Life
Oil as a source of energy, which forms a major part of our life in various natural and man made commodities which makes our day to day dependence on it such as transport, heating and generation of power. There are different types of oil as follows, mineral oil, crude oil and continental drift. Mineral oil originates from the carcasses of tiny animals and from plants that live in the sea. Crude oil comes out of the earth as a thick brown or black liquid with a strong smell. It is a complex mixture of many different substances, each with its own individual qualities. Crude oil is formed over millions of years these dead creatures form large deposits under the sea bed and ocean currents cover them with a blanket of sand and silt.This material hardens and becomes sedimentary rock and effectively shuts out the oxygen so preventing the complete decomposition of the marine deposits underneath. Then the earth’s curst is split into a fee huge continental plates which move continuously rather like rafts on a sluggish tide which helps in forming ‘continental drift’

SECTION - B (Poetry)
Q.4 (A)

1. Getting as far as everybody else has gotten is the way of the world. [1 Mark]

2. Not everyone but some of the  middle class people are not satisfied with their lives. They look at those who are wealthier than they are and try to compete with them. They are always trying to earn more and live better lives. [1 Mark]

3. Alliteration- The sound of the consonant ‘s’ is repeated pleasingly.  [1 Mark]

4. The expressions fromt he extract showing the failuter of man are Robbed of their lourels, their medals, their titles, their names.   [1 Mark]

4. B.

1. The underlying message of the extract is that brave men work hard, are stadfast and suffer. These are the men who build the pillars of the nation and lift the nation to great heights.

2. I would like to be brave, honest and hardworking. I would also like to have the qualities of pride in my country and patriotism.

3. Rhyming pairs of words: make - sake, strong - long.

4. The expressions from the extract showing the hard work of great men are :
They work while others sleep; who dare while others fly.

5. A.  Section C

I rushed out from the trees, sword in hand, just as the Duke senior and his followers were sitting doen to a meal. I stopped them from eating and told them that I wanted food as I was almost dying of hunger. The courteously asked me to sit down and eat, but I remembered Adam, and replied that I would not eat until he had been fed. He was in the wood, and the Duke and his servants helped me to bring Adam to their hiding place. They then took care of both of us. The Duke welcomed me when he knew that I was the son of his old friend, Sir Rowland de Boys.

Though I continued to live happily with Duke and his friends. I had not forgotten Rosalind. She was always in my thoughts, and I wrote poetry about her and pinned it on the trees in the forest. They served as books and told everyone one looked in the forest how sweet and good Rosalind was. I later came to know Celia and Rosalind saw some of these poems and were puzzled. Then Celia saw me one day, and she and Rosalind guessed that I was the poet.

5. B.
Heman : Roma, come let’s sit here.
Roma: Herman, what were you doing during the war?
Herman: I was in the camps, Roma. It was terrible. I will never forget that experienece.
Roma: Yes, I can understand. My family was hiding on a farm in Germany, not far from Berlin. My father knew a priest and he got us Aryan papers.
Herman: You must have suffered, too, with fear as a constant companion! And yet we both survived, in a new world!
Roma: There was a camp next to our farm. I saw a boy there. I used to throw him apples every day.
Herman: What did he look like?
Roma: He was tall, skinny and hungry. I must have seen him every day for six months.
Herman: I can’t believ this! Did he tell you one day not to come back because he was leaving Schlieben?
Roma: Yes! How did you know?
Heman: That was me! I’m so hsppy to meet you again! My angel! I’m not letting you go. Marry me!


5. B. The next day the boys went in search of another bird which they could put in the cage. They felt terribly guilty for what had happened to the lark, “We have been very careless indeed.” they said to each other “We will get another bird and look after it very well.” They spoke to their mother and asked her for help to get another bird. However, she was quite angry with them. “You have done a terrible thing, boys,” she said. “You have killed an innocent bird. You have no right to put free birds ina cage. How would you like to be shut up in a room all the time and not be allowed to run and play freely? You are never going to cage a bird again. Is that Clear?

(Written Communication)
Q6. Letter Writing

Ajinkya J. Sharma,
East Shri Nagar Colony,
Solapur Road,
Date: 28th Feb, 2017.

The Manager,
Kumar Construction Company,
Andheri (E),

Sub: - Application for the post of Civil Engineer in your company.

Ref: - As per the advertisement printed in Times of India.

Respected Sir/Madam,
With the reference to your advertisement in the Times of India, Mumbai Edition for the post of Civil Engineer, I apply for the same for your kind perusal.

I graduated in B.E. (1st Class) from Pune University in the year 2014, I have been working as a Civil Enginner since last 2 years with Tata Group of Companies. The NOC, enclosed with this covering letter will prove my integrity with the current organisation.

I have rich experience not only engineering but also in photography through which I have captured important pictures relating to many of the industrial heavy machinery and tools which has given exposure to current and next generation equipments in our industry.

I hope to be granted an interview call from your office. Looking forward to your reply.

Thanking you.
Yours sincerely,
Ajinkya J. Sharma
(1) NOC
(2) Resume
(3) Photocopiedmarksheetsofmyqualificationsandachievements.

East Shri Nagar Colony,
Solapur Road,
Date: 28th Feb, 2017.

The Commissioner of Municipal Corportion,

Sub: - Complaint regarding irregular water supply.

Respected Sir/Madam,

I the resident of East Shri Nagar Colony, would like to draw your attention towards the irregular water supply in our locality. We are facing this problem, since the time the new building has been constructed in our locality, due to which the water supply has been disrupted.

Due to the construction of the new building, the water supply has been partioned and now the supply has been interrupted as earlier the regular water supply used to be 3 hours in the morning and the same in the evening, but now the same has been reduced to just an hour as it needs a new water supply unit for individual building.

I hope for your contribution in solving this problem. Looking forward to your reply.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,


Headline writing:

Shortage of Onions in Maharashtra

Press Trust of India

Mumbai, 28/02/2017 at IST : 12:45 pm

Shortage of onions in Maharashtra has surged prices by 30 percent and it has forced the authorities to import onions from abroad and this has created a difficult situation in the state as onions contribute to majority of our diet and shortage of the same will effect to all walks of life. This shortage striked due to few wholesellers who actually already stock the onions from the farmers and instead of forwarding them to customers they over stock them. They did this activity in order to get more profit for the over stock goods but due to improper handling and incorrect ways of stocking it resulted in corrosion of the onions which in turn impacted the wholeseller and customer and this resulted in price hike from 25 Rs. to 75 Rs. per kg. By looking at this activitiy the food and the drug minister have communicated with other states, so that the high demand of the people of Maharashtra can be met. As per the meeting yesterday the minister will be making the goods available by the end of this week and as per the promise this can also help in reducing the price back to what it was.

(2) Appeal Writing [4 Marks]
Drought affected farmers
Jai Jawaan Jai Kisaan
Water forms an important part of life
No Rain No Gain !
Let’s fight together, help each other and donate the best possibile We’ll gather on 3rd March, 2017 at 10 am at Azad Maidaan, Mumbai.
Anna Hazare will be joining us and leading the rally.
This is the time to understand, support and help each other If not do it now, then is there a use of being called Indian ? It’s time to live, it’s time to breathe, it’s time of togetherness.

- Students Council
- General body Council

(C) Information Transfer

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 7.45.23 AM.png

The above pie chart is about the city budget through the income sources of 100% which is divided firstly  with  the local body tax [LBT] of 30% which follows with an equal contribution of citydevelopment charges as well as Property Tax at 18% . Other income contribute to 15% of the total followed by waterchargesat7% Whilethesmartcityfundsremainat6%withtheleastpercentagecontributionof the Govt. Aid and Loan services which remains at 4% and 2% respectivetly.

(2) View-CounterView


Internet helps students to find out all the possible information easily at one go such as finding similar or opposite words in the form of Synnonms or Antonynms. Internet helps creative learning where a student tries to learn and understand the information independently which helps in boosting self confidence and interesting learning. Internet helps in quicker accessing of information which helps in solving problems much quicker without waiting for someone to actually teach you. With internet there’s something that has started which is known as virtual learning where a teacher doesn’t need to be physically available and still a detailed explanation about various subjects and topics can be found in the form of video lectures, saved videos and interactive sessions. Internet is such a mode of technology which gets updated every day, every hour, every minute and this helps the world to be connected together and transfer knowledge without relying on a few.

Though Internet helps in finding out the words easily but it makes the students a bit lazy to even find same by using Dictionary. Internet though makes learning interesting but there’re certain precautions that need to be taken before handing over the charges to students as some of the content won’t be acceptable as viewable. As much of the material is available on the Internet students don’t feel like reading the basic details by reading textbooks which make them jump to the marks without reading the exact content. Though internet helps in explanations but without the proper guidance of a teacher it’ll be really difficult for a student to figure out what is true and what isn’t. Yes the internet helps to update the latest knowledge but it isn’t true always so the person reviewing the same should take proper care.

Q. 7. Interview Questions: [4 Marks]

Introduction: - Today I am going to meet one of the legends of Indian cinema who needs no introduction, his name is Mr. Amitabh Bachhan.

(i) What was your motivation behind a successful actor?

(ii) How do you manage your personal and professional life?

(iii) When you decided to be an actor, did your family support you?

(iv) A part from your acting career, what other profession would you have like to opt, if you would not be an actor?

(v) How did you tackle the tough phase of your life?

(vi) What phase of life do you enjoy the most, being a son, being a father or being a grand father?

(vii) What is your reaction to the people, who mimic you?

(viii) What advice you would like to give the youngsters who follow you?

(B) Speech Writing: [3 Marks]
Good morning to all present here, I would like to take an oppurnity to share my views and feelings towards my beloved father who has always been a strong moral and physical support of my life. Because of his practicality, I have always been able to take wise decisions during confusing situations.

Due to my father’s future thinking and focused attitude, I was able to select the correct path of life and develope my career. My father has always stood by me as a guide, philosopher and pillar during my tough times as he always believes that strong support leads to achievements and enhances positivityin life.Ialwaysbelievedthewordfamily,createsanatmosphereofunity,support andequalitybutmy father made me understand the most important part which is love which comes from within and he always kept my expectations ahead without thinking about himself which is a sacrifice not all can go ahead with and I consider him as the greatest family support, due to his never ending love and passion for making me who I am.
Thank you.