Science July 2015 Board Paper with Complete solution.


Q. 1. A. (1) Fill in the blanks: [2]

(1) ______________ is a greenish coloured poisonous gas. (Chlorine)

(2) Compound with identical molecular formulae but different structures, are called _____________ (isomers)

(2) Name the following: (1)

Cells that assist the neurons in their function.
Ans. The neuroglia are supportive cells that assist the neurons in their functions.

(3) Match the following: [2]
Column ‘I’
Column ‘II’
(1) Inhibits plant growth
(a) Breaks large fat globules into smaller ones
(2) Cytokinins
(b) Auxins
(3) Cellular respiration
(c) Mitochondria
(4) Bile
(d) Promote cell division

(e) Abscisic acid

(B) Choose the correct alternative and rewrite the following: [5]

(1) Which gas is released in plants during the process of photosynthesis?

(a) Carbon dioxide
(b) Oxygen
(c) Nitrogen
(d) Hydrogen

(2) To observe the hydro and clearly, Raju should see it first under the low power lens and then under the high power lens in order to see _____________

(a) less area
(b) wide area
(c) more buds
(d) all of the above

(3) Reaction of iron nails whith copper sulphate solution is an example of _____________________

(a) combination reaction
(b) decomposition reaction
(c) displacement reaction
(d) double displacement reaction.

(4) Which of the following is lue in colour?

(a) CuSO4
(b) FeSO4
(c) ZnSO4
(d) Al2 (SO4)3

(5) Acetic acid _______________
(a) turns blue litmus red
(b) in insoluble in water
(c) is pale yellow in colour
(d) turns red litmus blue

2. Answer the following questions (any five): [10 Marks]

i. Calcium floats over water during the reaction with water. Give reason.  

ii. Differentiate between: Toilet soap and Laundry soap.

iii. How do plants get rid of their excretory products?

iv. Draw a well-labelled diagram of a Neuron.

v. Write a short note on regeneration.

vi. What do you mean by ‘Connecting Links’? Give one example.

3. Answer the following questions (any five): [15]

i. Explain Mendel’s Monohybrid cross. Give an example.

ii. Draw a diagram which shows sex determination in man.

iii. a. What do you mean by seismonastic movement?

b. Name the types of movements in plants. Give one example of each movement.

iv. If the electronic configuration of metal A is (2, 8, 1) and that of metal B is (2, 8, 2) then:

a. Which metal is less reactive?

b. Write the names of the two metals.

c. Write the balanced chemical equation of reaction of any one metal with hydrochloric acid.

v. What are Allotropes? Name any two allotropic forms of carbon. Give one use of it.

vi. a. By which process do green plants synthesize their food?

b. Name the factors which take part in this process. c. Write the chemical equation of the above process.

4. Answer the following question (any one): [5]

i. Name the organs of the human male reproductive system and state the functions of any two organs.

ii. State the functions of the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board.

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