Imagines you are going to interview some important personality. prepare a set of 8‐10 questions/ focusing on his/ her social behavior and the activities he/she carries out.

Ans. [While interviewing a personality don’t make a personal attack by asking personal questions, use highly formal language and give a note of salutation and thanks. Ask only relevant questions]

Interviewing the P.M. of India:

It is a pleasure to meet the P.M. of  the largest democracy in the world. As a TOI correspondent, I, XYZ, welcome you sir on behalf of people specially the youth of the nation.
(i) Sir, after taking oath as PM and swearing-in of your cabinet, you met the PM of Pakistan. Do you feel our relations with the neighbouring country will be good?

(ii) Which SAARC countries do you feel must be good as the Most Favoured Nation by India?

(iii) What will be your action plan for bringing back the black money stashed abroad?

(iv) What is your view about the minorities of our country? Will they ever get their due and humble share in employment opportunities?

(v) What is your view about upliftment and employment opportunities for the youth, who either flees Indian shores or remains disappointed due to the present scenario?

(vi) How will you tackle inflation?

(vii) As you are aware of insecurity, terrorism and corruption eating into the strong fabric of our country, do you feel strong action and reforms in legal system must be taken to curb this?

(viii) Which areas of growth will be your immediate preferences?

(ix) Do you believe the youth of the country has inbuilt potential to join you and your endeavours in redevelopment and growth of the country? How will you bring them to your mainstream ideology?

(x) Which means of communication do you feel is the best, the fastest and the cheapest to connect with a common man? What is your view about social networking sites like twitter?

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