Give the uses of a concave mirror.

The uses of concave mirror are

(i) In torches and headlights: The source of light is placed at the focus to obtain a parallel beam of light.
ii.      In flood lights: The source of light is placed just beyond the centre of curvature so as to get intense beam of light.
iii.      Reflecting mirrors for projector lamps: The object is placed at the centre of curvature to obtain an image of the same size.
iv.      To collect heat radiations in solar devices: Heat radiations from the sum coming from infinity are brought to focus by concave mirror in its focal plane.
v.      Shaving mirror, dentist’s mirror: It produces an erect virtual and highly magnified image of an object placed between its pole and focus.

vi. Solar furnaces:  Large concave mirrors are used to concentrate sunlight to produce heat in solar furnace.

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