Report on Science Day Celebration.

Ans. Respected Headmaster, beloved teachers and my dear friends,

It is my privilege and joy to address this audience on the occasion of Science Day. You know Science Day is celebrated every year on 28th February. But why? What is the aim of Science Day? and What’s our Duty for this nation?
National Science Day is celebrated all over India with great enthusiasm on 28th of February every year in order to remember the great invention by the Indian physicist Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman of the Raman Effect on the same day in the year 1928. For his great success, he was awarded with Nobel Prize in the Physics in the year 1930.

Gone are the days when man blindly accepted ‘the so called truths’ without even applying his mind to the same. Thus, superstition came into existence which is the bane of society. But we know that, Scientific attitude enriches one’s knowledge in science and improves one’s ability to reason thus, empowering one to make progress and advancement in his life and career.

Every Year National Science Day has a Theme at which we focus more. Yes, it is overall a national science day but we do focus at some particular things on every science day. So take a look at the themes of National Science Day of previous 10 years. The theme of the year 2006 was “Nurture Nature for our future”. The theme of the year 2007 was “More Crop Per Drop”. The theme of the year 2008 was “Understanding the Planet Earth”.  The theme of the year 2009 was “Expanding Horizons of Science”. The theme of the year 2010 was “Gender Equity, Science & Technology for Sustainable Development”. The theme of the year 2011 was “Chemistry in Daily Life”.  The theme of the year 2012 was “Clean Energy Options and Nuclear Safety”. The theme of the year 2013 was “Genetically Modified Crops and Food Security”. The theme of the year 2014 was “Fostering Scientific Temper”.  The theme of the year 2015 was “Science for Nation Building”. Now, let us talk about the theme of the year 2016, that is The Theme of National Science Day for the Year 2016 is – “Scientific Issues for Development of the Nation”.

Thank you for your attention.

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