Dishonesty never pays in the long run.

Ans. Dishonesty never pays in the long run Dishonesty seems to a fundamental part of the world we live in. From political scams to the petty lies that we all tell to evade trouble, dishonesty is known to all. A school going child lies to his mother about his failed test scores, a worker lies to his boss about why he got late to work. Our minds are constantly overworking to cover up one lie with another. In the long run, our life becomes a heap of lies. We are deprived of a clear conscience, and we are penalizing our brains by asking it to remember all the lies that we have told so that we don’t get caught. Dishonesty never pays in the long run. One can cheat and clear an exam, or an interview, but is that going to help you in becoming the person you aspire to be one day?

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