A Great Mother by Kerry Conn

As I look upon my children,
I wish that I will be,
As great a mother to my children
as my mother was to me

She always knows what to say,
and what I need to hear
She always told me how it was,
so simple and so clear.

As mother and daughters do,
we’d argue and we’d fight
But though the tears and drama
I love her with all my might.

She looked the same every day
I remember from when I’m young
A few lines and wrinkles there,
but still my beautiful mum.

She’s always been so wise,
she’s always been so strong
She’s always been so stubborn
and occasionally she’s wrong

My mum is sure not perfect,
as I sure I am not much too
But mum’s know you inside out
and advised you as you grew.

Now days have come and time has passed
where mum is growing weak
And we don’t know the words to help
and the right words to speak

For losing mum’s there is no book
or instructions what to say
I hope I say the words right
to help her on her way.

For I love you mum, you are my world
I thank you with all my heart
I don’t know why you have to go
and why we have to part

But know you’re loved and cherished
and we’re all here for you
And know you’re going to a place

where people love you too

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