You visited ‘Nirmal Old Age Home’ with your friend. Write a dialogue between you and your friend discussing the problems faced by old people. Use the points on the Notice Board.

Ans. The following is a dialogue between my friend and myself during a visit to an old age home.

Friend: Wow! What a greenery place. I like this old age home very much.

Myself: I am also loving this place very much.

Friend: How many old people are there in here?

Myself : There are about hundred people, all are lonely and sad.

Friend: Why are they very sad?

Myself: They feel that no one cares for them. It is difficult to digest us that, many of them have families, but they have abandoned them.

Friend: But, why we are here?

Myself: We try to comfort them, we entertaine them with songs, dances, and skit.

Friend: I am sure, this would make them happy. How old are they?

Myself: They are all above the age of 70 years.

Friend: It's getting late. I want to go to home.

Myself: Ok, we will go.

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