You are Deepak/Deepika, Secretary of Ahimsa Club, Parsva Public School, Delhi.

On 2nd October, your school observed 'International Day for Peace and Non-violence', organising various activities arch as visit to Raj Ghat, Charkha spinning, lectures by eminent Gandhians, etc. Write a report on the same in 100-125 words.

International Day for Peace and Non-Violence
Ry Deepika, Secretary Ahimsa Club

11th March, 2017

On 2nd October, 2017, to mark the birthday of the Father of the Nation, Parsva Public School observed 'International Day for Peace and Non-Violence'. Many eminent Gandhians were also present on the occasion. The day began with an Ahimsa oath in the morning assembly followed by a play on non-violence. In his opening speech the Principal highlighted the fact that in these times of global unrest we need brotherhood more than any time in the history. In their following lectures, the Gandhian urged the crowd to follow the path of Ahimsa and demonstrated with examples that how it is the right path. They also brought charkhas with them and the students were very happy to learn anew art.

The senior.classes were taken for a visit to Raj Ghat and the day concluded after observing a 2 minute silence.

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