Outline: My birth – my early life – my present life

I was born in a factory in Switzerland. It is a country famous for the manufacture of watches. They assembled my different parts and one day I was born. But my real life started when I came for sale into a big city shop.
I was put out for sale in a beautiful showcase.
I had a number of friends by my side. I was shining in all my glory in my bright stainless steel case. The customers came, they saw me and, when they found out my price, they dared not buy me. But one day a rich customer came in a car and he paid for me without hesitation. He presented me to his son. I now remained for all 24 hours on the wrist of that young boy. I went with him to college and theatres and picnics and places. It was a very wonderful life full of all the thrills and romances. I was a witness to the young man’s love and marriage. Thus I had the glorious days of my life.

But those happy days are now gone. I am now very old. And now I do not look so nice and do not work so well. So, from that young rich man, I am now fallen into the hands of a servant. The young man has now bought another watch and I am given away to the servant. I now lead a poor and miserable life. But, I am satisfied that I have had my days of glory and happiness. It is natural that a fall follows a rise. 

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