Tips to Attempt Science and Technology Paper SSC

1. Fill up the first page of the answer book neatly and correctly. Fix the bar code sticker accurately with the help of supervisor. 

2. Use 10 minutes time allotted for reading the question paper to understand the questions and to recollect answers. 

3. Students should write the answers of the questions in sequence. All the sub - questions under one main question should be attempted continuously. Space can be left for unattempted sub - questions to attempt later. 

4. Main questions should always be started on a new page of the answer book. 

5. Write the answer with blue ball point pen. Handwriting must be good and legible. Avoid cancellations. 

6. Students should write correct question number for each and every answer. Write the brief answer in points. 

7. Students should write the completed statements and underline the answer words while attempting objective questions like fill ups, rewrite the statements, complete the analogy, etc. 

8. While attempting objective questions like state true or false or find odd one out, the given question statements should be written before writing the answers. Avoid spelling mistakes in objective question answers. 

9. Do not leave the objective question answers incomplete because selecting and writing any one option may make the answer correct. 

10. Definitions must be written same as that given in the textbook. 

11. While writing equations for chemical reactions, they should be balanced and physical states of the reactants and products should be mentioned. Also name the reactants and products below the equation. 

12. Draw well - labelled diagrams wherever necessary. Do the labelling on the right side of the diagram and write a title below it. Put the entire diagram with labelling in the box. Use only pencil for diagrams. 

13. Students are supposed to cancel the unused pages of the answer book or supplements using pen from left corner of the page to the right corner. 

14. Stop writing the answers when the warning bell is given. Arrange and tie all the answer sheets together. Fix the hollow craft stickers on the answer book and on the supplements taken. 

15. Do the final checking of the answers, questions numbers, etc. and be ready to submit the answer paper. 

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