How to function in a Whatsap group?*

1. Know the *purpose / reason* for the formation of the group and act accordingly.

2. Confirm the *validity of the news you wish to share* in your group before circulating it.

3. If the news you circulate is true, you will be respected by the members. It brings honour to you and your group.

4. *Discussion*- unless necessary, *deal individually* with a member.

5. Post only *useful news.* This will elevate your status.

*6. Since we are in more than one group, there is a tendency to repeat the postings. Delete a video or picture immediately after viewing it once.If you receive the same material, delete it at once.*

7. *Avoid* posting a *series of materials at one go*. Avoid sharing more than one picture or video at the same time. Your sharing may appear to be a burden to your friends.

8. Before sharing a video or picture with the others, *consider carefully if it's worth sharing or if it has been shared previously* ; then, go ahead and share.

*9. Don't share incorrect medical notes. Don't support rumours.*

*10. Don't share violent or gruesome pictures/ videos* e.g.murder , chopping of hands, indecent pictures

*11. Refrain from sending morning, afternoon and evening / night greetings in the chat group.*

*12. Conduct yourself such that the group admin is not affected or hated by our postings.*

*13. When posting about needs in the group, specify the day and type your name in the message.The others in the group will come to know your name. Several medical or educational needs are being shared for many years.*

*14. Don't remain silent in a group all the time.*

*15. When forwarding videos / pictures, don't forget to indicate the contenxt of the material. Many of us fail to do this.*

May our chat group grow by leaps and bounds....👍🏽

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