Outline: the shortage of water in June – the sky overcast – street scenes – children were happy.

The month of June came to an end without a drop of rain. There was an acute shortage of water. Crowds of people formed queues near public taps anxiously waiting to fill their pots with precious water!

It was a hopeful sign when one day we saw the gathering clouds becoming darker and darker. Suddenly there was a gust accompanied by rain. The rain pelted down so vigorously that soon the drains were full and overflowing. The low-lying were flooded, confining several families in their homes.

In the streets one witnessed another sight. Pedestrians ran helter-skelter for safety and shelter. Those who anticipated rain were well armed with umbrellas and waterproof coats. As the rain poured, traffic slowed down and at certain places it almost come to a standstill. Life in the city was disorganised, several trains were held up as the track lay under water, and almost all public vehicles ceased plying. In these conditions the plight of the people going to offices, students to schools or colleges, and businessmen to their working places, was pitiable. It was very difficult for them to reach their destinations.

In spite of the gloom cast by the grey sky, there were some scenes of merriment. School-going children hailed the day with shouts of joy. It turned out to be a holiday, and scores of children were seen ramping and wading knee-deep in puddles of water, playing at ducks and drakes, or splashing water at one another. There were some amusing scenes which sent the bystanders into roars of laughter. Some umbrellas were blown off, while others had their covering turned inside out. Someone sprawled on the slippery ground or tumbled in the miry pool.

When the rain ceased after an incessant downpour of two or three days, the air was clean and the sky looked clear. Temperature dropped, relieving the city of the sweltering heat which caused so much discomfort to the people.

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