Your class is arranging a science exhibition for Stds. IX and X. write a leaflet giving details for students to participate.

In your leaflet you may consider the following points;
(i)                  Venue, date, timing (ii) chief Guest (iii) topics for exhibits, models, display items, etc. (iv) Awards, if any (v) persons to contact.
Science Exhibition for Stds. IX and X
(Stds. IX and X)
Proudly announces
Science Exhibition
(second floor – B- wing)
23rd october.
*Chief Guest*
Honourable Dsp Shri L. B. Patkar
Exhibits on the following topics invited:
Contact Science teachers of Stds. IX and X,
Latest by 11th October.
The programme will being at 8 a.m.
Aand go on through the till 6 p.m.

Everyone’s cooperation is earnestly solicited.

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