You have to interview a merit rank holder from your school for the school magazine.

Write about 10 questions that you asked him/her.



Questions of the interviewer


(1) Congratulations. We are all proud of you. How did you manage such a feat?
(2) What special timetable of study did you follow?
(3) Did you give up all extra-curricular activities, like watching TV, going for movies, etc.?
(4) Did you take any special coaching in any of the subjects?
(5) How much your class study contribute to the success?
(6) What was the role played by your parents?
(7) What was the role of your teachers?
(8) What do you plan to do now?
(9) What was the reaction of your family and friends?
(10) One last question. What is your advice to other students?  

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