You have interviewed a social worker who has launched an adult literacy campaign in Ridhigaon.

Write 10 questions that you asked him/her.


Questions of the interviewer


(1) Mr. Aaminyou have done a commendable job by organizing this adult literacy campaign in Ridhigaon. Could you tell us, first of all. Why you chose Ridhigaon?
(2) Could you give me some details such as the total number of students, the number of female students and so on?
(3) What arrangements do you have for premises and teachers?
(4) What are the timings of the school?
(5) Have you faced any opposition from the local community?
(6) Is the local Gram Panchayat involved in the activities, and, if so, to what extent?
(7) How do you get funding for things such as chalk, slate, and other essentials?
(8) Do you camp in the village or do you commute everday?
(9) Do you plan to duplicate this formula in some other villages?
(10) One last question: Are you with the progress you have made so far?  

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