Write a story about a situation when you became the laughing stock of your friends:

Just for Fun!

It was the first of April and I was late for school. In my hurry, I hadn’t realized the significance of the date. My teacher looked at me sternly as I entered the class, but didn’t say anything. In knew that she was angry with me because of what had happened the previous day in class. Teacher had gone out of class for a while and Shiva had pinched me, just for fun. I retaliated by tackling him. He started laughing loudly and begged me to stop. Just then the teacher walked in and she gave both of us a good piece of her mind. She even threatened to report us to the headmaster.

During lunch break, the head boy of the class came up to me and said, “Vasu, the headmaster wants to see you in the office right away.”

I was panic-stricken. Would he ask me call for my parents? Would he suspend me from school? I was terrified.

Trembling with fear, I went to the office and knocked.
“Come in,” I heard the sharp voice of the headmaster.
I walked in diffidently. “Yes, Sir,” I said, my voice shaking nervously, “You called for me.”
“You’re Vasu, aren’t you?” I nodded my head. “No, I didn’t call you. Whoever gave you that idea?”
“But… but… Anto , the head boy told me…”
“Child,” his voice rose in anger, “Don’t you know that today is April Fool’s Day? you’ve been made a fool of. I have good mind to call in Anto and tell him to keep his April Fool jokes out of my office.”

“Sorry, sir,” I said and walked out, embarrassed and angry. All my friends were waiting down the hall and laughing uproariously. “April Fool, April Fool,” they shouted. For a while, I was angry, but then suddenly I saw the humour of the situation and began laughing too I was so relieved that the situation was not as serious as I had imagined.

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